Monterey Albies Aug. 01, 2012

Discussion in 'Northern California Fishing Reports' started by apogee, Sep 2, 2012.

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  1. apogee

    We were brutalized by wind and sea, but all and all I am glad I went. Those that advised that maybe Sunday would be better I hope you are correct. Moss Landing was the launch point for the "Bite Me". There were three of us, Scotty, Mike and myself. We launched out of Moss at 0230 hours and headed for 30-16. Upon arrival the water was cold 55.0. I maintained my heading until I reached the break at 27-24 the water was 59.8. I stopped the boat and waited for gray light. It was snotty, 7'@8sec with wind waves and some other rythm complete with occasional white caps. I metered fish all over the place from 200' up. As soon as I put the trolls in,we were on. It took four tries to get four jigs in the water. I trolled slightly downhill to the S/W and put 21 fish in the box. Half of them true quality fish 20+ lbs four over thirty. They came on purple and black as well as Zucchini's on the corners. I called in the fleet and they came a running along with two commercial boats. There was enough for everybody. Due to some tangling of the trolls we were out of commision for about an hour during prime time. (Note to self: Do not train crew on how to steer straight during mixed up seas.)We turned tail at 1100 and it was a slight beat back to the dock. 41.5 miles from Moss Landing.

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  2. wombatV

    Nice work...impressed that you toughed it out for so long. My back cant take that much more. will wait for monday or tuesday to get out there.
  3. apogee

    My day starts with going to work. I get up at 0500 hours and then go to work. I get home at 1700 hours and pack the boat. I depart at 2000hours and drive all night to Monterey. I launch, fish and return to the dock in the afternoon where I load the boat and drive back home getting in around 2000hours. I wash the trailer down and go to bed. Get up early the next day and clean the boat and process the catch. It is a sickness.....
  4. wombatV

    Just got a call from my friend that went today...he has a 23 whaler too.. He said it was not nice out there. mixed swell and whitecaps. they only made it out to the marginal break ....58 degree zone out of santa cruz. The good news is that they got those big cool water fish. Had enough bouncing around after 16 fish and came in. They had to work for them just like you did.
  5. tshaw

    Way to kick some ass Mike!
  6. Stack M High

    Strong Work !!!!!
  7. Gabriella

    Great report!
    Way to get in and out of there early!

    Frank Ledesma