monster king harbor spotties.

Discussion in 'The Bass Fishing Club' started by only plastic, May 2, 2009.

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  1. only plastic

    just got back from king harbor. fished from 10:00 till 7:00 for plenty of fish didnt take pics of all the fish because i forgot to charge my camera from yesterday and it died about a quarter way through the day.

    7 sand bass
    4 calicos
    2 spotties the funny thing is we were just dragging it on the bottom running in the paddle boat because the deckhand from the city of redondo ( stumpy or greg) was trying to squirt us with the hose and also this guy named turtle.
    1 halibut
    1 snagged purch
    thats why they call it king harbor.

    and we saw several baracuda in the harbor chasing bait and our plastics. little ones but its a good sign.
    oh and if any of you know casey with the yellow looking glass boat. thats who let us take out the paddle boats where we caught both spotties and really most our fish. and we found a soda bottle floating in the mouth of the harbor pretty un naturaly so we paddled over to it and there was a line attached to it so we kinda pull a little slack and theres something heavy on the end. we look at each other and think poacher. and paddle away. and lots of lobster crawling along on the rocks just gotta look hard. another fun day with friends.

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  2. RECKLESS_m@

    Thats a TOAD Evan! And on the paddle boats!!

    "Groms rule".

    now shhhhhh lol
  3. britheguy

    SIck fish evan. Good slayage out there! Haha to jeff this time!
  4. spike

    Nice fishing guys, keep it up. Some Toad Spottie's.
  5. maxlikestofish

    those spotties are PIGS!!!! killer fish
  6. get some BD Writer

    Nice spotties!
    You should try fishing the crankbait early or late for those things.
  7. only plastic

    thnaks for the tip do crank baits dive deep couse the were bighting right on the bottom like 15-20 ft
  8. get some BD Writer

    Get yourself a Norman DD-22. It will bang the bottom in 20 feet.
    I fished the LB harbor last night and got a couple nice spotties on it.
    The one that looks like a crawdad seems to work pretty well.
    Just cast it out, wind really fast to get it deep and then slow wind it with a stop and go retrieve.
    It's a fun bait to fish...
  9. medunn16

  10. get some BD Writer

    This is what it looks like...
  11. only plastic

    thants sound really fun ive been wanting to fish the cranks wheres the best place to buy in redondo area. and what kind of structure should i be looking for for spotties. we seem to catch them under the docks but im not sure exactly couse ive caught like under rocks and in holes.
  12. get some BD Writer

    You can get them from any of the online stores, but I'm pretty sure Turners would have them (worth a call anyway).
    You can work the base of the rocks by casting parallel to the rocks and retrieving or fish along the docks. They tend to lay in the shade under docks and boats and around the pilings. The best way to fish them from a boat is to be outside the docks and cast parallel to the dock length.
    Another really good way to catch them is to pitch a 3" Gulp New Penny Shrimp (on a lead head) right along the dock piling and let it sink to the bottom. If you don't get bit on the sink, bounce it along the bottom for a bit, then retrieve and repeat.
  13. sdfishkiller

    You guys are awesome. I fished just like that when I was your age but down here in the harbors of San Diego.

    I just showed my smoking hot girlfriend your report because she is from Redondo Beach too. She said you guys are cute. LOL

    Anyway, those pics keep us old dudes young, thanks for that.

    Now just remember the most important thing in life is to study hard in school become a Dentist (great job) get a big ol boat and fish many days of your lives.

    We will be keeping an eye on you so make us proud.
  14. only plastic

    ok thnaks i got a bunch of perry shrimp 3' to so ill try that. do you lose alot of the crank baits on the bottom?
  15. get some BD Writer

    I heard that dentists have one of the highest suicide rates by profession.
    Might want to rethink that career choice...
  16. get some BD Writer

    That is the good thing about crankbaits.
    If you get hung up, 90% of the time it's the bill getting wedged in the rocks.
    Just slack off and it will usually float up.
    If the hooks are snagged, they will usually bend if you pull on them hard enough.
    Be careful about hitting docks or rocks when you cast as they will break though.
  17. only plastic

    thanks will do ill look at turners but last time i went they only had rapalas dd6 dd8 dd10 dd12 and dd16 but they were funny colors like the fire tigger color and just ones that didnt look like anything you would see in saltwater.
  18. BOILER

    If you can find patches of eel grass Spotties tend to hang out there as well. I use 1/4 oz lead heads with 2-2.5 inch grubs in brownish colors. Green also works as well and I have caught some of my best ones on white believe it or not. I will have to try the crank-baits since I haven't in the past. Good job fellas!
  19. get some BD Writer

    Those colors work too.
    In NPH, the parrot color which is blue, green and yellow is a killer!
  20. only plastic

    alright ill try it out ill pick some up tomorow and try them out on friday.