Monster Day on the Clark

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fly Fishing' started by fishordie, Jul 1, 2012.

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  1. fishordie

    G'day all though it is actually evening,

    Here in Montana it is actually still day light as it will be until about 10 or 10:30. We just got off the Clark after another Epic day with our friend and guide extraordinaire John Herzer of Blackfoot River Outfitters in Missoula. The last 3 days were my son Justin's first fly fishing experience and he "Roped Em". Big Healthy fish using just about every technique in the book. Streamers to dries, Dry-droppers to double nymph rigs he got a taste of everything. 3 days and 3 different rivers. Talk about being spoiled..... But he is hooked..... Hook, Line and Sinker. Heck, he wants to fish more tonight. For those looking for one of the best fly fishing guide services anywhere in the world you do not have to look much further than Blackfoot River Outfitters.

    Justin and I have been in my favorite town in the world for the last 4 days and everything has been amazing. Since this was a father-son deal and would be a whirlwind for us so I did not even make time for a drink with my numerous friends who live here. Though Justin has fished with me his entire life he never seemed to want to fly fish. Clearly not the case any more and I could not be happier. Almost makes an old man want to cry.

    I will try and post some pictures later as John will send some to us and probably will post one or two on their website.

    Missoula Montana.. Eden or Heaven??? Pick one.

  2. BiggestT

    Jamie, Missoula is heaven. Wife and I have been scoping ranch properties to buy in the Missoula area for the past year. It's going to happen as that will be the are we retire. Enough of this crowded California crap. Gimme Rock Creek, Black Foot, Clark Fork, Bitter Root and all those unknown creeks. Trout fly fishing heaven there.
  3. TheShark

    Most excellent! Looking forward to the pic's! Thank you for sharing!
  4. fishordie

    Right you are. Great call coming up here and getting away from Cali. Every River is better than the next and the first river is AWESOME. So many choices and if you do not mind a bit of cold weather or ice on the guides you can fish and have great fishing almost year round. Heck, within a few hours of here you can fish my favorite river in the world the Big Hole ( I love the upper sections). Try Georgetown lake for some of the best sight fishing I have ever enjoyed.... to very big fish. I go there every year after the back bays open the first of July and it may be the most looked forward to trip of the year. Fish it in bright sunlight for the best in sight fishing.

    When everything else goes to heck just drive a few hours up to the Big Mo.
    When the waters were super high the Missouri fished fantastic. Not to bad if you like BIG fish.

    I forgot to note we hit just about ever type of fish the area offers. Big Cutties, Cutbows, Bows, Bullies, Browns, etc. Justin got introduced big time. And oh yeah, I think I got cut off by a Pike. Not bad for 3 days in paradise.