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Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by snowcritter, Mar 9, 2010.

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  1. snowcritter

    I am trying to tie 80# spectra to 80# fluorocarbon. I have tried a blood knot now over and over, but I am not sure if I am doing it wrong but it wont hold. Is this the best knot for this application? If not what can you recomend? Any help is appreciated.

  2. TonyC

  3. hucklongfin

    A Tony Pena/Bob Sands knot is what I use on lighter line. A uni-uni works well too.
  4. Bill Erhardt

    I use a Red Phillips knot, and have never had a failure.

  5. DH10

    Uni and blood knots are not very strong with spectra. I use a Bimini loop to reverse albright, a 100% connection.

    This video shows how to do it step by step:

    YouTube - Fishing Knot Video #1

    I used this connection with 50# braid to 40# flourocarbon and have caught dozens of YFT up to 80# with no breakage.

    I have heard good things about the Tony Pena knot as well, but it sounds like you have to be extra careful that the wraps are done properly or the knot will fail.
  6. Tues

    All good info above but I prefer the deadly balloon knot. Please PM Saluki for pictures...
  7. Bullshipper

  8. captainkelly

    Uni to Uni......we use it for everything, knot is sort of big if using wt roller guides. If you want to get real fancy go hollowcore spectra and alum crimp (think it called taka) Wheres ZZZZZ ? hes the one to ask.
  9. tclongbeach

    put loop to loops on both ends.....
  10. Big G

    bimini to worm knot
  11. fishpainter

    tony pena kills it
  12. tecateando

    just tried one of those (red philips). that is a sweet knot.

    i also like uni to uni (with the spectra doubled over) for smaller line, but it is pretty chunky with 80# test.
  13. stonefly

    i agree with big g & dh10 (same knot) i had to play around with the number of wraps with different line diameters.... seems like it was 10 wraps with 100#test braid and 12 wraps with 80#test. i as yet havent got it to work with lighter lines. grouper tested, tough knot.
  14. Smoke12

    I vote for the double uni.
  15. captainkelly

    This is why i love BDs.....just learned a sweet new tie and that makes my job easier! Thanks
  16. fish_whisper

    I use bimini to albright it has never failed me.
  17. Outhouse

    Give the Bob Sand's Knot a try.
  18. tresher_one

    thanks for the post.I just learned a few new knots.
  19. scrinch

    Another vote for Red Phillips.
  20. Bogii

    Cool ass knot thanks for sharing.