Mono e Mono

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by apneahunter, Nov 12, 2004.

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  1. apneahunter

    I just picked up a Torium 20 and want to throw the standard 25lb mono for rock season. I have other rigs with spectra set up so I am set there.
    I would love to hear all the personal opinions on the brand of mono used on similar rigs for baitcasting and jigging.
  2. Trianglist

    If I'm going offshore or expecting something big that'll pull drag, I use P-Line. Otherwise, for jigging and other stuff, I use the cheap Ande.
  3. Katana

    I concur with Trianglist....
    I've learned that wetting your line first BEFORE casting will help lessen the chances of dry-line backlash.... (or maybe I just can't cast, period... :) )