Mom & Dad, Why can

Discussion in 'Washington Fishing Rights' started by Plus1, Jan 15, 2012.

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  1. Plus1

    Mom & Dad,
    Why can’t we fish here anymore?

    Imagine having to answer this question because your favorite waters have been closed forever.
    Sound ridiculous? Not if you live where this has already happened.
    Get informed. Be involved. Before your kids ask...

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  2. DoubletroubleII

    Did that already with my son's......but it was "Dad how come we don't go dirt bike riding as much anymore?"
  3. Swarthy Dago

    same here Greg.
  4. DoubletroubleII

    ^^^^I believe it.

    It is insane, we live in El Dorado County and live about 10 miles from one of our nation forest areas and they have closed most of it. We used to be able to strap a few rods on the bikes and head for a little riding and take a break doing a little stream more :(