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Discussion in 'Washington Hunting' started by Buzz2401, Oct 30, 2011.

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  1. Buzz2401

    Well Elk season started out with a bang this year Started out Saturday morning at 715 with me shooting a 1x2. Shot was 65yds with my 325WSM. So after hours of cutting it up and packing it out we get back to camp only to find out that the extra guy we had to help pack meat out had just killed another spike in the same spot and so it was time to turn around and go get that one. It was 10:30pm before we got back to camp with it. Wake up early again on Sunday to try and get my wife a spike, even though she has a antlerless tag that starts on Wednesday. Get back up in the hills with two other friends and my wife and again 715 rolls around and me and my wife hear shots real close, its my friend Phil with a 1x2. So we go get the pack boards again and start hauling meat again. So we ended up with 3 elk for 8 guys on opening weekend.
    I had to leave and go back to work on Monday and Tuesday but went back Tuesday night to help my wife get her cow on Wednesday. Wendnesday morning rolls around and my wife and I see a few elk but many were to far away or just didn't present good shots. We did have a calf at 10yrds but she did not want to shoot a calf. Wednesday night comes around and my wife and I can hear the elk below us but we are waiting for them to pop out in the opening in front of us. We wait patiently for what seems like forever with Lots and lots of mews going on real close to us. Finally about ten minutes before dark a calf pops out and I again my wife passes. Then about four minutes later out pops a nice size cow and my wife gives her a little dose of 308 Winchester. I could tell tha tthe elk was hit but it trotted off before falling. We walk down to where the elk was and there is blood, we walk a little further and the blood trail just stops and it is now dark. I make the call to come back in the morning rather then risk spooking a poorly hit elk. We came back at first light and found her elk less then 100yrds from where she shot it. The shot was a little far back just missing the lungs, I was really glad we waited to go in after her.
    Friday we decided to go with Dave (AKA Killerbee) and see if we could help him find some elk. Well Dave made some good moves on some spooked Elk and got a shot at a nice cow, killing his first elk. I finally got to help him pack out a elk. I got to give a shout out to Killerbee, he has been hunting with us for the last 3 years and has helped us pack out well over ten elk, seems he spends more time packing then he does hunting but he just keeps on coming back for more.
    We had two antlerless tags go unfilled but not for lack of chances. The guys had about three chances to fill their tags but they were in hard to pack out places and we were all pretty tired and already had more then enough meat hanging. All in all it was a pretty good season. Tomorrow we have to start cutting up five elk, the work ain't over yet.

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  2. christensenreid

    Nice Work:2gunsfiring_v1: that is an impressive opening weekend
  3. tacklejacked

    Very nice, good job. Should get better with the snows movin in.

    What unit is your cow tag in?
  4. silver slayer

    nice work!! thats a hell of a start to the season
  5. Elkfins

    Hell yeah...

    No elk for me opening weekend but I did find these.

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  6. Ali Admin

    Bad ass. Nice work.

    Those sheds are from a stud!
  7. tacklejacked

    Those sheds are huge Steve.....would like to see that bull this year.
  8. Easytosee

    Jeez Steve. Those things make me wet.
  9. Elkfins

    Believe it or not, I know this bull... He's a 7x8 now...

    On public land no less.

    Now, if I could just pull that any bull tag before he kicks the bucket.
  10. blackvelvet

    Too bad you can't eat the horns Steve.:shithappens:

    I bet that is one huge bull, hope he sticks around for you to kill someday.
  11. Buzz2401

    Updated report with the rest of pictures. Didn't get photos of all things I wanted to but sometimes work has to be done and taking pictures gets put on the back table.
  12. KillerBeee

    Nice bunch of pics Russel. It was a heck of a great time up there and many hours of hard work that really paid dividends.
    Russel and Angie are top notch for sure. Everyone in camp pitched in as they always do to make it not only a success but a true pleasure as well. Great meals, cribbage by the lantern light, friendly banter, riding the quads, hiking miles and miles....I truly appreciate the mentoring that all the veterans in camp have done for me over the last few years that led to my first elk. What a great experience!

    Last year I bought a Tikka 300 WSM and despite being hammered into the ground when I rolled a quad on the first day, I was finally able to let it do its job.

    Cow tag....Filled!



  13. Elkfins

    Hell of an elk camp right there. Good job guys and congrats on the major success.
  14. Buzz2401

    Love the glowing pumpkin pic Dave.
  15. KillerBeee

    Your dad's handi work and it was surely amusing.
  16. Marlin Mike

    nice report with pics, but Dave i hardly recogoniced without your shorts and thermals xposed
  17. KillerBeee

    They were under the Camo Mike Cuz that's how I roll!