(MLPA) There will be an evening public comment session Oct. 20-22

Discussion in 'Marine Life Protection Act Initiative (MLPA)' started by zenspearo, Sep 15, 2009.

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  1. zenspearo

    I received words this afternoon that there will be an evening public comment session Oct. 20-22. This comes directly from a member of the I-team, and it apparently has the blessing of the BRTF so it's solid info.

    There will also be a daytime session on specific agenda items.

    We want to plan attendance intelligently so we don't waste time and repeat ourselves but be able to cover our issues. And stay on top so that we won't have or encourage anyone to go off the handle, which doesn't help anyone.

    We'll be back with more information as they become available but there should be no excuses not to make it as it's after work.

    A good development over all.
  2. nunyabizness1

    This is excellent news Joe! Attendance should be much better thanks to the evening option.