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Discussion in 'Southern California Offshore Fishing Reports' started by Papa "J", Oct 6, 2006.

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  1. Papa "J"

    Left the dock at 3am yesterday only to find out I had a fuel problem with the starboard motor. Got back to the slip, fixed the problem & left by 5:45am.

    We decided to split the 181 & 182 and work from there. We had been in the area of 32.49/117.45 and started with a triple on the skips. Then found a couple of paddys for some dorado and Yt's. Then a blind jig strike for a 10lb YFT. Then another paddy for more Yt & dorado, then while working one of the paddys saw breaking fish less than 1/8 mile away. Definately some nice size YFT mixed in with the porpoise. Picked up & trolled & only got 1 12lber.

    BTW all the fish were in 68.3 - 68.5 H2O.

    All in all, some nice weather, & a great bag of fish.

    2 - YFT
    11 - Dorado (1 bull around 25 lbs)
    3 - YT's
    8- skppies
  2. aclemieux

    Nice job Jason. Sounds like a pretty good day. Too bad you're spoiled from the MAW trip. Thanks for the report and the numbers. We're going tomorrow and I've been eyeballing that area on terrafin pretty closely. Appreciate the details.

    Late start kicked ass. Nice job Jason. What was the deal with the moter?
  4. Afry

    Thanks for the report Jason...nice bull, damn are these dodo's wearing jackets?
  5. sealskinner

    Thanks for the call Jason. I shoulda went. My customer flaked on me.

    Nice report
  6. Papa "J"

    Not sure yet....sounded like an injector going bad..

    Luckily I have spares....will figue it out later today.
  7. firekel

    Way to go J, got your message. No worries, if you can make it buy the boat I would greatly appreciate it. Won't be able to get down there for a week or so. Checks in the mail pal.
  8. bajav

    Nice job Jason, at least your still going out! Everyone seems to stop fishing around late Sep./oct. and that when it flares up usually.
  9. Mots

    sounds fun Jason. WTG.
  10. Slayer

    Nice bag of fish is right!! Way to get 'em Jason!!
    How did they taste tonight? I can smell the grill cookin' from here!!
    Yum!! Yum!!
  11. Papa "J"

    got that right....had a bunch of ther YT last night.

    Made a big bowl of Poke this morning & thinking about some Ahi for lunch today.

    Doesn't get much better than this.
  12. David Nunley

    Nice job Jason. I wont stop fishing the dodo's until they go home. Going to go again next thurs and give it a go. Got 6 tues, but no quality bulls this time. If you are out give me a shout.