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Discussion in 'Southern California Offshore Fishing Reports' started by spadude69, Mar 14, 2012.

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  1. spadude69

    My nephew and I decided to do an overnighter sunday night so I booked us on the mirage. @ the time I called the had 12 ppl booked and they told me it was a go. It takes me 3 1/2 hrs to drive down. When we get there the guy @ the landing that we need to wait to make sure they had @ least 10 ppl. I guessed 3 flaked out. It ended up with only 9 of us, I thought for sure that they wouldn't go out. They called the owners of the boat and to my suprise they sent us out. They had to lose money on this trip. We limited out on rockfish at 10 am and the lings around noon. When we got back to the dock my nephew and i did a turn around for that night. It was one of my all time trips. I won the jackpot both days for it helped paid for the trip. The crew is some of the best in the biz.......

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  2. sushizilla99

    Nice ling and kudos to the owner for sending you out

    hoped you tipped 'em well...
  3. spadude69

    They got the jackpot money after the galley bill.
  4. Pacolypse

    Very nice!
  5. FishinArmo

    Great crew and skip they are a class act
  6. smithers

    Great boat, great crew.

    Steve, I had fun fishing with your group on the opening (2) day, but I got enough attitude from a couple of the deckhands I won't go back on that (other) boat. Nasty weather didn't bother me half as much as the sour attitudes. Been wanting to get back on the Mirage ever since.

    Looks like I missed a good trip. Awesome that they took you out with 9; I've made the drive down there a couple times only to get the dreaded call right as I pulled into the lot. Happens to be the reason I fished the Cobra so much last year; that capt always goes out and I caught my best fish of the year on a day I got left hanging and his boat went out (only one that day) an hour after I was scheduled to go.

    Hunkered down for the storm this weekend so won't be going back out till the end of month (Pacific Islander or Cobra)
  7. spadude69

    Try them later on in the season. This is the best overnight boat in the area. They amost always get limits. It is the best ( full size ) boat for WSB. They caught over 800 of them last year according to Chief Andrew. I will try to go out next week. I always wait until I see at least 10 ppl are on the list.
  8. fishfish

    You butchered 'em !!!!!!!!! Congrats.
  9. mcrae

    I love the catching on that boat. The crew is great and they treat people well. I never feel like I can afford to tip them enough. They deserve so much more than I can give.
  10. Red Drum

    NIce quality fish on the Mirage as usual. The Mirage is as great boat and Captain Joe is awesome!
  11. WahooUSMA

  12. gthurner

    Sorry, NorCal memeber here.

    Which landing does the Mirage operate out of? Planning on coming down for a couple of overnights.
  13. Derfsondeck

    Channel Islands Sportfishing
  14. spadude69

    I went again and fished on the 22 nd. The weather was not the best but we pulled it off. The wind was up to 20 k and a uphill current. It was hard to keep on the bottom. I almost pulled out my 3 lb sinker but didn't. I ended up with limits of rockfish and 6 lings. I kept the biggest ones and gave the others to my group I went with. Here are a couple of pics before my $20.00 camera broke.

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  15. imboatless

    Way to go.
    Thanks for the report
  16. spadude69

  17. flytyer


    Ridgecrest is a bit of a drive to either San Diego or the Channel Islands slips, so I always leave with a fair idea of "conditions" in advance.

    Good work on the water, sir!
  18. spadude69

    I always check with NOAA weather before i go. It said the winds were going to be 10 knots but it was more like 15 to 20. it doesn't matter necause a day on the water is a whole lot better than a day in Ridgecrest......:eyepoppin
  19. Derfsondeck

    Thats why i dont go by NOAA
  20. spadude69

    who do you use?