Mirage 5/19

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by jimm, May 20, 2005.

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  1. jimm

    Bouncy ride across the channel! Started off at Santa Cruz poking around for squid. No luck. Tried a few WSB spots with same results. Conditions just did not look right. Pac Dawn had been at Santa Rosa the day before with no squid nor sea bass so we were going to keep Santa Cruz honest. Slid over to Rosa and fished the kelp for a few quality calicos on the rubber and a few rockfish. I do believe the calico bite is about to get rolling and damn those Rosa fish are nice. Slid outside for the rockies and found tough fishing. Lots of fish on the meter but slow to jump on. Last two drifts saved us. Near limits were had, just not the typical Santa Rosa rockfishing we are used to. Windy SOB on the way home! 25 -30 for sure!

    Joe and the crew are great and love fishing on the boat. Sorry no pictures, just nothing profound to take a picture of. Next time!

  2. IdahoSaltAdict

    No WSB but you got into some fish at least. Rough water up there is never fun, but its still better than not getting out!
  3. positivewaves

    should have told them about tim's whitefish winning the JP......
  4. jimm

    Ay Scott! Good to see you here! Ya, the giant whitefish! I figured tim would brag enough without me helping him! Good fishing with you. Will chat soon.