Mikeys Halibut Tournament reports

Discussion in 'Nonsense Anything Boards' started by Scarleg, Nov 29, 2010.

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  1. Scarleg

    Is Dean the only one to put up a report of Mikeys Halibut tournament? I see Behdad gave us an update on the day of the event but thats it.Would be nice to hear others experience in this years tourney.I didn"t get to fish it again cause of health issues but love to read about others tourney experience .....hmmm!!:Beat_Them Lets see em
  2. Fishbones

  3. ?? fisherman

    Hey Eric, How goes it bro!?

    Miss ya in the tournament dude.

    I am very sorry about it taking me this long to get the report up, but a few things were holding me up. One was that I was waiting on pics, and then the other is some issues that my 9 year old has been dealing with.... she's having some hard times with things. Anyways, I just put up my official tournament thread, and I will post up my own late report maybe tomorrow afternoon if I can, as I am working tomorrow and then have to pick up the girls.

    I can say this..... fishing was very SLOW, but the day on the water was GREAT. I did hook something big though, but it will forever remain a mystery fish... more on that later hopefully.

    The unknown fisherman:p: