Mexican Navy Boards then Sinks Boat off San Quintin (PICS)

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by Its 4 Reel, Sep 14, 2007.

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  1. Its 4 Reel

    Let me start by stating that I am a long time traveler to Baja. I’ve driven and towed my boats from Ensenada to Loreto and all points in between for more than 30 years. I’ve been reading all the posts about the recent carjackings and robberies lately and I believe as long as you don’t drive at night you are as safe traveling in Baja as anywhere else in the world. But then I hear first hand of an incident that occurred to a friend of mine while fishing just off San Quintin this past Tuesday. He is a veteran of Baja and set up a charter with Tito’s Pangas to fish on one of his cabin cruisers. The price included the fishing license and equipment for the rest of his buddies. On Tuesday Sept 11th my buddy and 3 of the 5 people were fishing off San Quintin and fishing was slow and while they were out doing some bottom fishing they noticed a Mexican Naval ship in the distance. They didn’t think much of it and continued to fish. Out of nowhere and to everyone’s surprise a small boat is fast approaching with naval guys in ski masks with machine guns drawn. They are boarded and asked to produce the proper documents, all this while at gunpoint. The Mexican captain from Tito’s produces the fishing licenses and boat permit. My buddy and his friends are then asked to produce their passports. They didn’t have their passports on them and the naval guys accused them of being in the country illegally. In addition to that they claimed that the fishing licenses were invalid due to a certain stamp missing. According to my buddy, who speaks Spanish, the licenses were stamped and had their names on them. Here’s where it really get’s scary. The navy orders the captain of the sportfisher (SF) to follow them to the bigger naval boat where they are told to board. The captain of the SF calls into the owner of Tito’s and informed them what was happening. Luckily there were 2 friends of my buddies that had decided not to fish that day and they were asked to get the passports. The owner of Tito’s shows up to the naval boat with the only 2 passports that were available. The Naval Captain (if you could call him that) decides not to let anyone go because 2 of the guys didn’t have passports. They were now being detained for not having the proper fishing license and for passport violations and that they now have to go to Ensenada and appear in court! Unfrickenbelievable! They were told that they would be in Ensenada by 8AM the next morning. They try and tie the SF to the big boat according to my buddy and they are having a hard time doing this. They get underway and it is obvious that the boat is going to sink. They ask they Navy Captain to allow them to remove their gear which includes, fishing equipment, ice chests, clothes & fish and were told no. About 3AM the boat is taking on water. A couple of naval personnel jump in the SF and proceed to bail the water out and try to re-rig the tow rope. Around 8AM they are still offshore and the SF is starting to go down. Long story short (too late I know) the SF starts to sink and all the gear is lost. One of the guys had a small digital camera that he kept hidden. Here is picture of the bow just before it went down:
    They finally make it into the Naval base in Ensenada around 6PM. Prior to being released, and at gunpoint, they were ordered to take a physical and to sign some document, in Spanish, admitting that they knew they were fishing without a license. They were refusing to sign and asked for an interpreter. The interpreter stated that the document was an admission of guilt. My buddy signed it and they were let go. No court. No fine. Nothing. This whole excercise served only to scare innocent people and cost someone his livelyhood by sinking his boat. The name of the ship is the “Matamonos”. This ship was formerly the USS Sage and was given/sold to the Mexican Navy. Also, in the galley, there was a picture of Collin Powell handing the ship over to Mexican Navy. A couple more pics:

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    Has anyone else heard of this incident or had a similar run in with the Mexican Navy? <o:p></o:p>
    P.S. Not sure why you need them when entering by land but you may want to consider to start carrying your passports at all times while in Mexico.<o:p></o:p>
  2. hatidua

    No shortage of incidents reported lately....yikes!
  3. roosterfisher

    This is crazy. It turned my stomach hearing this. Is this a legit story? If so WHAT CAN BE DONE! We need to stop funding this sh@t. Corrupt corrupt corrupt. Pisses me off and here we are fighting a war in Iraq it should be with our neighbors if this is true. Oh thanks Collin Powell.
  4. FishWiz

    No comment
  5. Stanley

    Yeah, but there are 50 robberies a day in LA!
  6. jsl

    My goodness!! I fish S.Q once a month and this type of news is certainly distrurbing to say the least. From my experience, the people down there are some of the warmest and nicest people I'v had the pleasure of meeting. However, as of late, it seems that there are some who are hell bent on keeping gringos out of their country. What the hell is going on down there??

  7. Unfuckingbelievable!!! Im glad you're buddies are ok mate!!!
  8. zigzag

    I wish i had answers for this but no one deserves this kind of treatment.i carry photo copy of my pass port in my wallet as well as a photo copy of current fishen wouldnt have matter one way or the other.I would have not signed the paper how ever intimadation with guns and jail time is a real reason to sign. The port capitan should have been called and call American Embassy.There is way more to this story i have been boarded 6 or more times by the navy and they dont give a shit about fishen liscenses they have no juristiction on this issue but they got big guns.i just think there has to be more to this than you have been told.i suspect the boat was the real issue and you guys got caught in the middle.The Navy capitan got side ways with you guys and needed to get bailed out He screwed up and had to cover.Thats what im thinking maybe not.the whole thing stinks .wadda ya do ???
  9. http404

  10. Bajabil3

    Please contact me whenever these problems occure a.s.a.p.
    The Gringo Gazette North, will investigate these violations, and driect them to the appropiate authorities. We will get a response and publish the results.
    We will report and follow up on these stories.
    Please send me all of the details (everything, time of day, license numbers, description of vehicles/individuals. color and type of clothes, anything helps).
    We at the paper will follow up and get back to you with the results of our investigations.
    Note: The Baja Times (the other paper here in Baja) is owned by Hugo Torres and they won't report or investigate anything negative about the Rosarito/Baja area. He is the new Mayor of Rosarito and owns the Rosarito Hotel and several other high rise ocean front developments. Their only intrest is to sucker Gringos into buying into their questionable developments. They only want gringos to think everything is rosey here in Baja, and that isn't necessarly so.
    Bill Norton
    Gringo Gazette North
  11. Its 4 Reel

    According to the post by BajaMarita and my buddies on the boat all the paper work was in order. I have my theories as to why the navy did this but it is pure speculation. There is nothing more to the story.
  12. wils

    It looks like in your post, that "rare" means that it happens but not really that often. Maybe it will happen manana, but maybe it wont.

    Instead of feebily explaining it away on the internet to gringos, why don't you step up IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY and see that "rare" turns into "never"?

    Oh, that's right. You and/or your family could die if you "stepped up".
  13. Compromise

    Is that an official number in LA...What's your point here? This is about the authority in Mexico, not the law enforcement or crime stats in LA. Stick to the guidelines of the thread.

    It is obvious we as US citizen are having problems going into Mexico where it isn't as over fished as it is here (thanks mostly to the cattle boats in my opinion) including water temps and currents.

    Maybe we should make a TV show about "Deadliest Mexican Fishing" in Mexico kinda like the Lobster and King Crab "Deadliest Catch." And then we can have for the guy on the Mexican roads, instead of Ice Roads we have "Mexican Road Warriors."

  14. BKMandel

    i can't belive what i'm reading about this mexican navy ship ... I saw that ship twice just a couple of days before this incident ... it was only about a mile away .. we were fishing out of don eddies.. holy shit
  15. zigzag

    Sumtens UP???They take no money and round up everone and go to port Ensenada.I believe every thing that happened .Why did it happem thats the question.gringos on the boat maybe ,ICE deported some ones Relate ok im not buying that. The boat is the issue thats what the NAVY does control the waters period.thats their thing.I have never offered or would I ever offer a bribe or MORDIADA the bite to Army or Navy thats a no no.These guys that got all this BS needed to take it to the American Embassy file complaints file com plaints with the Navy and Department of tourisum and press the shit out of this.I would and its the only way to shut these guys off.Your buddies wont do anything about this because they are family men working men and dont have the time or the desire to press the issue.UNDERSTOOD.I understand their frustrtion and feel their pain.ya gotta play the MX game the bigger the noise the louder the pain.
  16. BKMandel

    the sea of cortez just keeps sounding better and better
  17. zigzag

    Do you have any idea of the paper work involved for charteing in Mx waters.It will fill a file cabinet.

    in SQ to be legal as a mx charter you need Ensenada port capitan authority with gets better.liscense charter permits and the shit rolls on.This sucks we are caught in the middle.We are just dumb gringos going fishen what the Hell do we know about all the BS paper work and give a shit less.We pay our $$$ and all is well.Well not all ways but 99 percent of the time
  18. tunawrestler

    Mexican Road Warriors would be classic
  19. Stanley


    Shhheeeez...if I have to explain it to you, that was a smart-assed remark I made because everytime someone brings up how shitty things are getting in upper Baja, one of the guys living down there brings up LA crime statistics. Come on Noob...get in the game!
  20. captainkelly

    I was there when it happened,and i was in Ensenada the next day along with the Father of one of the Americans and about 10 other skippers and operators,we were going to Help our freind Tito get his boat back and to get the Americans back. We went to the Port Capt. then to the Secretary of Turism,then to another and another Gov office.
    We made formal compaints etc.... pretty much all we could do and then we waited and we waited more. No one could get ahold of the ship that had left San Quintin the day before in bad weather with Titos boat in tow.
    During a radio coversation the day they were boarded we expressed our concern for the vessel (Titos) if they planned to tow it.......we were told not to worry. We also asked if the people (americans) were being detained and they said no.....? On the way to Ensenada Titos boat sank due to water taken on. I stayed in Esenada until the boat arrived and all were released. I was impressed at how eveyone, skippers,hotel owners(Don Eddie) buis owners all got together so quick. This sort of thing has never happened before here, I was boarded in aug by a naval ship and after inspecting my documents they said thank you and were on their way. I was told that the Navy will compensate for Titos boat etc...
    Thank God no one was hurt but it still .....this sucks PS......Tito we got your back!