Mexican limits

Discussion in 'San Diego Long Range Fishing' started by Malolo, Sep 4, 2007.

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  1. Malolo

    Wondering if anyone would direct me to a site listing the mexican limits for the more common offshore species caught.

  2. twopatch

    I am not sure of any site but here goes.... 10 fish max no more then 5 of any kind 2 dorado count as 5 fish, and billfish count as 5 fish. thats how It was explaned to me.
  3. ladynglr

    that's 10 fish max per day with a 3 day max.
  4. titan05

    Here ya go.....from the H&M landing Fish Count page

    Mexican Limits
    10 fish daily total bag limit.
    No more than 5 of any one species.
    Exception: 2 Dorado or 1 Billfish count as 5 of any one species.

    3 day is max for a total of 30 fish with no more than 15 of any one kind.

    With that said....if you post a report and you fish in Mexico and have great fishing........don't put up numbers....try " we got Mexican Limits"....we will know what you mean.
  5. skiffhunter

    Do you need to file any paper work to get three day limtis if on a private boat?