Mexican fishing licenses

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by aguachico, Sep 29, 2011.

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  1. aguachico

    Year after year this question pops up. Last year I stopped in my local shop to purchase a permit and left with it and some tackle.

    I proceeded to toss the bag with the permit in the trash. :D

    Now I go online and can print as many as I want. I keep copies in the truck, yak and boat. Now you can use these purchased permits on San Diego sport boats. YUP used it Monday on the Mission Belle. I don't even care if they loose it because I have the PDF.

    So why purchase a Mexican license from an agent?
  2. captainkelly

    K-Onda Arturo! Saludos de sus amigos en SQ
  3. aguachico

    Oye Kelly; trabajo trabajo trabajo. How's SQ?
  4. MikeO


    I am heading down to Cabo and will be fishing for a week out of SJDC and would like to purchase a permit online. The Lic. site from the link above offers a permit for "Pacific Coast" and one for "Federal Jurisidiction Waters"

    Can I assume the Pacific Coast Permit work for me even if we wander up into the Sea of Cortez? I don't want to get the wrong permit.

    Thanks for the help
  5. CPV

    how do you get it in english?
  6. aguachico

    There was a previous post. The people that fished both sides said it was better to go Federal.
  7. aguachico


    click the US Flag :D
  8. fishshirts

  9. MikeO

    Thanks for the quick feedback.
  10. CPV

    Hahah im an idiot! Thanks
  11. "JOSERRA"

    Hi Arturo

    I send you an e mail today....

  12. nvanderdussen

    When I tried to get a one day permit the cost was $98???? Any idea what I am doing wrong? One day permit can't be that much.
  13. Saluki

    It's in pesos.
  14. nvanderdussen

    Ok thanks. How do I figure out how much that is in dollars?
  15. Saluki

  16. nvanderdussen

    Thanks again!
  17. Saluki

    Hey Art,
    Thanks for starting the thread and providing the link.
    I just checked and my & FKG's Mx licenses expired 3 days ago.

  18. Zerg

    Are the Mexican licenses on a yearly basis like the US ones, or 1 year from purchase date?
  19. aguachico

    Purchase date. I also carry my electronic receipt for the occasional knucklehead that may not knwo about the INTERNET!!!!
  20. Zerg

    Very helpful, thank you!