Mexican Authorities Respond

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by Lorenzo, May 9, 2008.

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  1. Lorenzo

    For what it is worth, Segio Aponte Polito who is the General of the Mexican Army in charge of National security released an eight page letter to all their national newspapers publicly ripping the ass :idiot:of General District Attorney ( Rommel Moreno Manjarrez) for the States of Senora, Sinaloa and Baja. In the General's letter he called Mr. Manjarrez a disgrace to his position of authority and accused him of being friendly to the drug cartel, etc. Anyway, yesterday there were 35 city cops and 40 State police fired in Tijuana alone. Also, the State District Attorney (14 years of service) in Ensenada Sonia Patricia Navarro Navarro was canned.:Beat_Them Furthermore, Baja Governor Jose Guadalupe Osuna pledged to keep tract of all those who were canned too see where they go, what they do and with whom! Honestly, this action is one big frickin deal down here and I think/hope some good shit is starting to happen!:appl:
  2. Adrian

    I don't think... but I do hope.
  3. saravonshep

    The lack of the American tourist dollar is starting to make the ball roll a little faster, sounds like great news....
  4. aguachico

    Fuck, it's going to take a lot of mordida to offset those lost salaries.

    Viva Mordida!!!
  5. pascuale

    Thats goddamn funny shit!
  6. Null&Void

    ....I really hope it mellows out down there. I miss my baja trips.
  7. Tunaslam

    The corruption is beyond words! Hopefully every baby step means something?

    Thanks for heads up.


    seriously.... i miss salsipuedes and want to go back so bad. things gotta get worse before they get better. i'll wait it out a bit longer. hopefully this is good news
  9. Lorenzo

    All is cool hear in San Quintin. Just travel during the day.
  10. ReelNymph

    I hope some changes happen soon. We have never been worried about coming down there and were planning to this week until we heard some more rumors. It just seems like pulling a boat is even more of a target. WE MISS SAN QUINTIN!!!!! And all our friends there. I wish we had a place in your compound and our own plane and a boat there.
  11. http404

    Dog and pony show.
  12. Sluester

    uh-oh a letter!
  13. Tues

    But a strongly worded letter though...
  14. Lorenzo

    Lots of activity around the Bay area by Army troops checking cars and one "Big Ass" helicopter cruising the sky. They are friendly guys and really not intimidating, unless you're a drug fuck! We have an electric gate at our Campo entrance and they patiently wait for us to let them in to inspect planes, etc. Why don't you have a space in Campo Lorenzo? Leave all your toys here and just jam it down whenever.
  15. Bullshipper

    District attornies and police chiefs are getting killed left and right every day in most largew cites- they got Millan last week, head guy in Mexico City.

    Calderon was in Reynosa yesterday and had a full army platoon to protect him, plus helicopter gunships, which is a first for a Mexican President. He ran his election on the promise that he would wipe out the cartels and make the streets safe, but violence is definately up 300%, and 10 poor Mexicans are vying to fill the shoes of every rich hitman that has been jailed or killed. A hitman was taken out yesterday and his comopetition used a bazooka on the bullet proof Escalade.

    Cops won't go anywhere in skimasked groups smaller that 10-12, and yesterday the President was on TV pleading with the citezens to snitch more.

    I can't see this ending in the next 5 years.

    You guys better stay home.
  16. asabadin

    That's hillarious!!! Let's see how long before this guy ends up in the back of a trunk or buried next to Chalino Sanchez
  17. sealskinner

    Thanks Lorenzo. Info is always good.
  18. Its 4 Reel

    What were the particulars to this rumor you heard regarding pulling a boat?
  19. billder99


    I have lived in Loreto, Baja Sur for 2-1/2 years now. I drive up and down the Baja regularly. I know many hundreds of US and Canadian ex-pats who live down here, and we network and talk regularly. I keep seeing many of you commenting on what a corrupt and screwed up country Mexico is. For what it is worth...

    I have never been "shaken down" for a single dime, and I don't know anyone who has. I have been stopped for traffic infractions three times, guilty on all occasions... I was honest with the police, very polite, and in all three cases I was let go with a warning. In 2-1/2 years, there have been 6 or 8 house burglaries in Loreto (no guns or violence)... that's it, the extent of the great crime spree. I also spend lots of time in Ensenada, so I know the near-border environment... same deal, minimal crime. In fact, the crime is so much worse in the US that it hardly gets reported... serious crime is so routine in the US it is no longer news. In Mexico, big headline for the slightest thing. You figure it out.

    Funny true story... we met a Canadian family down in the Yucatan... young Mom, Dad, 12 year old daughter travelling in a class-C motorhome. Drove down from Montreal, Canada through Laredo, TX and through Monterrey, Tampico, Vera Cruz... we met them at Chichen Itza. They said all of their friends back home in Canada thought they were insane to make that drive with a 12 year old girl... they all said "Are you crazy! You drove through the US! You were lucky to make it to Mexico alive!"

    Funny how the world percieves Americans so differently than the way they percieve themselves.

    Don't get me wrong. I know serious crime exists here, especially near the border. However, if you follow a few very simple rules, you will never encounter a problem here: 1) Do not, regardless of what Mr Macho tells you, drive at night... that is when crimes occur, and the road is full of livestock 2) Do not get drunk and wander the streets at night... in Mexico, or anywhere in the world, unless you are begging to be a victim 3) Be polite and smile... that will buy you more grace than any perception of mordida... they think you are an idiot when you offer to pay, and of course many will accept.
  20. Bear Cove


    Great story, I to take my family down the Baja every year from the North end of Vancouver Island BC. We stay just North of Cabo in a little town called Pescadero on the Pacific side. I have taken my wife and daughter who is now four down every year for the last 6 years. I have never had a problem with anyone down there. I have been pulled over a few times for bad truck tags, no seat belt, but like you said it was my fault and I dealt with it.

    I know it is getting a bit crazy near the border but my trip down and back this year was a breeze. Just follow the rules, no night driving and you should have no problem.

    Man was the fishing good down there this year, sure wish I had a cold beer and and shorts on on the back of my boat right now.