Memorial Weekend

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fly Fishing' started by flygoddess, May 28, 2007.

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  1. flygoddess

    We went up to Idaho on a spur of the moment thing Saturday evening. Got up Sunday morning and headed out to LAKE X for a little fishing. The reports were that the lake was fishing real slow right now and good times were morning to 11:00 a.m. and evenings, so we get there at noon:1041677399:

    The fishing was indeed slow, but I did catch a nice 24".


    But here is the deal. On one side the fish looked very normal with the yellow circle around the pupil of the eye. Flip it over and it has a BASS red circle around the pupil. I have never seen this! It was a light hook-up with a size 12 soft hackle in the corner of the mouth (a little blood there from the hook), but no where near the eye...WEIRD


    Also, while there in Poky we stayed at my Brother in-laws house. He has built a beautiful waterfall, into an "S" shaped river into a fairly large pool where he has some nice Koi.


    While cleaning the pump to the pond, found this critter, measuring about 1 1/4". Looking at the tail I am thinking Dragonfly...what do you think?

  2. TunaFvr

    David Bowie in trout form.

    Nice backyard.

    Troutnut says you are correct!