Memorial Day Weekend

Discussion in 'Nonsense Anything Boards' started by isthatjamieshaw, May 25, 2006.

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  1. isthatjamieshaw

    Whats everyone doing?

    Anyone have cool plans?

    Im leaving tomorrow morning for Arizona to go tubing down the salt river and then monday is my birthday! Should be a blast I havent been there in about 4 years. Fishing last weekend, the river this weekend. Im a lucky girl.:notworthy
  2. MacAttack

    I'm firing up my new crate motor in my 65' Chevelle, after eight (five-hour) Saturdays in a row, but every day this weekend, at lunch time - I'm going to take my folding chair and a six-pack of Micky's Big Mouths down to the ramp at HB - to enjoy the circus for an hour or so. Greatest show on earth!

  3. Saluki

    Sat. Work on Hanna :)
    Sun. Work at work :(
    Mon. Maybe..... just maybe get Hanna back on the water again. :D
  4. Fishburger

    Barb and I are leaving in about 5 hours for Santa fe, NM to hang out in the canyons and along the Rio Grande. I used to run a cafe there back in the early 90's and haven't been back since. Man, I can already taste the rightous chiles!!!

    We have reservations at a place called 10,000 waves. It's a Japanese spa on the side of a mountain with private open-air baths, messages, etc. Got Barb hooked up with one of them herbal wrap treatments too.

    Hiking, exploring, eating great food and a whole lotta :Lets_do_i !!!!

    Good times!!!!
  5. dru

    PV river trip! Let's wakeboard!
  6. HOOKUP1904

    River last weekend was awesome weather was great and the water was perfect!!

    Saturday - Racing @ Barona
    Sunday - El Cap lake with the jet boat
    Monday - Fishing With my dad maybe 9 mile bank

    Awesome weekend for me I can't WAIT!
  7. zomees

  8. Kelp King

    Sat- Work
    Sun- Work
    Mon- Work

    Probably squeeze some fishing in too.
  9. Mot's Sr.

    Aaron, can I go with you guy's ? sounds like a fun time, just don't over do it dude.

    I'm going to wash my boat and motor home, not very exciting but its something I've got to do.
  10. Socalslew

    Gonna go get pounded a bit out there, as we seek to slay tuna on the Senor Tuna 3 Dayer!

    Steve (Socalslew)
  11. Punkfish

    I used to do that, it's pretty funny to watch a lot of those fuckers that have NO clue how to operate a boat:rofl: . I'd say it's better than a trip to the zoo! Sunset Aquatics is practically in my backyard, maybe I'll join ya one day this weekend. Wish I was fucking fishing my boat though!!!

  12. Weazel

    Friday night -drinking
    Saturday - recovering :rofl: and boat work.
    Sunday - fishing & drinking
    Monday - fishing & drinking
  13. fishkillerbill

    Sat---party to meet Charkbait's new bride to
    Sun--Stepson's graduation from Cal State Fullerton and after party
    Mon--fishing catilina with fols from senortuna aboard the Highliner

    in an hour fishing PV and the breakwall for calicos with Chris in his air-whaler

  14. Rat

    Saturday - Packing boxes for the big move and nursing sick babies

    Sunday - Daughter's 3rd b-day party, so BBQ, beer and bouncy castle

    Monday - Packing boxes for the big move and nursing sick me after the Sunday plans
  15. Sofia Rose

    Sat. - Moving in on HL2
    Sat. night- Bar-B-que on HL2
    Sun.- Party on HL2
    Monday- Go home and party in pool
  16. _ER

    The Salt River is a blast, we tubed there every summer for the past few years (ASU years). Have fun, look for my lost sunglasses!
  17. fords4life

    Sat - Moving stuff into my new place in Ramona and beach party at Mission Bay with lots and lots of carne and pollo
    Sat Night - Heading out on an overnight with Markus on the New Lo-An
    Sun - Fishing all day
    Mon - finishing up a school project that's due tuesday
  18. Weazel

    Lee, you've got the right idea.
  19. mooningu

    Fri-Mon................VEGAS BABY !!!!!:Lets_do_i :rockin: :boobies: :drunk :drunk
  20. odh33

    jumping on the PAC STAR tomorrow night comes back Sunday night. Monday i'll be studying for finals