Memorial Day weekend in Paso Robles lots of pics

Discussion in 'Nonsense Anything Boards' started by Richard Cranium, Jun 1, 2007.

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  1. Richard Cranium

    Fellow BD'rs,

    Made my way up to Paso Robles Friday evening, the 25th, with my Mom/Dad/Brother/and Nephew. We made good time up to our friends little "Ranch Cocavin". We came back on the 29th ( Sorry no fishing on this trip... left that up to the boat launch bleacher cheering and insane fishing fleet ). On a side note, I will be in PV on the 16th with my brother Eric, father and nephew. I have the most unbelievable opportunity of bringing up a 41 Michelson up the line with them...After spending 18 years with CompUSA and getting laid off on the 11th is a very welcome adventure.. I will post pics from that trip... hope the weather is good and fishing on the way is even better.

    It was my first time to the property and it was a pleasant surprise. Fucking breathtaking. Dr. Schmidt did it right to say the least.

    We brought our shotguns and .22 rifles to shoot clay pigeons and plink some shit. I drew the bedroom facing almost due East.. so I woke up a 0500 every morning.. no complaints.. Got my fat ass up and enjoyed every minute. I took a ton of pics of sunrises and sunsets with the digi as well as some pics of some game.

    We had a doe come up on the property just outside the deer fence about 55 yards away on Saturday evening. She was escorting twin fawns, still spotted and weary, reacting to mom's every move. We took some pics of her and we could see was still suckling. The quail on the property were unbelievable, pretty much saw them all day and they were calling very hard. Nice to hear the "chachita call" and the other short calls that they do when shit does not seem right to them. My brother and me shot our pellet guns over them a couple of times to seem them look at one another like, "what the fuck was that". I have to say that was pretty funny. We "stalked them" around the barn and just got our asses handed to us by the lead quail. He looked at us for about 4-5 minutes just singing his toon letting the 30+ other birds that something was not right. A very good experience hearing all the different calls these birds can do outside of the chachita call. He ran off and the other birds went straight up to the trees and down the hill.

    My parents did the wine tasting gig, while my brother Eric and Nephew Timothy took the quads all over the property. I got "dusted" by Eric while little man laughed the whole time.

    Here are some pics and I will post more. Enjoy ( Better pics to follow.. Getting kicked off trying to post more pics even on another thread. I have to resize the deer pics to get them to post... )

    100_0993.JPG 100_0998.JPG 100_0968.JPG 100_0969.JPG 100_0970.JPG 100_0975.JPG 100_0976.JPG 100_1159.JPG 100_1160.JPG 100_0978.JPG 100_0981.JPG 100_0994.JPG 100_1003.JPG 100_1009.JPG 100_1013.JPG 100_1014.JPG 100_1029.JPG 100_1044.JPG 100_1046.JPG 100_1058.JPG 100_1062.JPG 100_1067.JPG 100_1069.JPG 100_1103.JPG 100_1111.JPG 100_1120.JPG 100_1130.JPG 100_1136.JPG 100_1137.JPG 100_1140.JPG 100_1144.JPG 100_1147.JPG 100_1232.JPG 100_1234.JPG 100_1238.JPG 100_1256.JPG 100_1296.JPG 100_1317.JPG 100_1326.JPG 100_1339.JPG 100_1340.JPG 100_1341.JPG 100_1342.JPG 100_1345.JPG 100_1347.JPG 100_1348.JPG 100_1350.JPG 100_1351.JPG 100_1352.JPG 100_1356.JPG 100_1358.JPG 100_1359.JPG 100_1360.JPG 100_1363.JPG 100_1366.JPG 100_1369.JPG 100_1370.JPG 100_1372.JPG 100_1373.JPG 100_1375.JPG 100_1380.JPG 100_1386.JPG 100_1397.JPG 100_1405.JPG 100_1445.JPG 100_1475.JPG 100_1479.JPG 100_1501.JPG 100_1507.JPG 100_1521.JPG 100_1523.JPG 100_1527.JPG 100_1531.JPG 100_1533.JPG
  2. dougiestyle

    u wernt lieing lots of pics.
  3. daniel-neill

    The pics are great!
    Thank you!
  4. el Toro

    You were in Paso with guns and did not hunt pigs? Do I have to come up there and show you how it's done?
  5. Kareem Korn

    The coffee must tast great there in the morning. Whatta life
  6. Az.monkey

    Those are some killer pics bro, thanks for the post
  7. Ms.Mackey

    Cool photos

    Are the fog photos looking at the coast or the valley?
  8. Supa711

    Great pics, that looks like a really healthy covey of quail hangin around.