Memorial day report. 22" corb w/pics

Discussion in 'Surf Fishing' started by UnReel, May 29, 2006.

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  1. UnReel

    Hooked up with my surf fishing partner Don (Raz N Kane) who is finaly rapping up a rewire job on Hanna for Curtis and Brandon. We hadn't fished together for over a month or so. Anyway, Don picked me up this morning at 4:45am and we jammed to our go to SC spot and made around 80 in 15 min and then jump in the car and started chatting about our final destination. After about 10 min we dicided to go down south a bit as our North O.C spot has been bleak at best.
    Got to the spot and Don was first to get a bait in the water as I walked a bit farther down the beach. I turned around and Don was allready hooked up to something good. 5 min and he's on allready WTF!!! He saw it roll after about 5 min and yelled big corb. I reeled in my line and headed over to help land the beast. Tried to grab it a couple times but she wasn't ready to give up. About 5 min later I grabbed this for Don
    A nice 22" fat corb. Here's a pic next to a tape
    After the two pics we released her to fight another day.
    We continued to work the beach and I nailed a fat FYC
    I got one more YFC and about 5 or 6 BSP to 12" and Don got another smaller corb and a couple BSP as well. Had a great day in some great SoCal weather. Called it a day around 9:30am, we had to get back home and take care of some things that need to be done on our boats. Sure was hard to leave them bitting.

    Tight lines,
  2. Raz-n-Kane 27

    All right you Blue water guy`s,,you might think this surf fishing thing is no challenge,,I think not,,,6lb -P-line ,,4lb fluro,,Give it a try! Boy that Corb had some sholders on it for sure,, Two maybe three good runs! What a Blast ,I am just glad to catch something !!! I had a good feeling about going today! Glad I did! Thanks for helping me bro!
  3. Good job Don have fun capturing the flag this weekend.
  4. hook-up1fishing

    Nice size fish.
  5. Ali Admin

    Nice work my arab cousin.
  6. Saluki

    I gotta get down there with you guys and try that out sometime!!!

    Excellent job!!! :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy
  7. Enfuego

    Nice report!!
  8. UnReel

    Thanks for the replys guys and Don's still stoked to have caught that brute.

    Ali, something about standing on the sand makes me feel at home ;) :D.

    Brandon, grab your trunks and trout rod and join us anytime.
  9. PB Trash

    you guys should edit the pictures or post less revealing photos(if its really a secret)
  10. Clay T

    Nice fishies...esp the bean.
  11. UnReel

    P.B TRASH , we never said anything about the fishing spot being "secret" ??? Only that we went to our SC spot which means our sand crab spot (thats a secret) which isn't within 8 or 9 miles from where we fished. If you can find the fishing spot buy I.D'ing the backgroud then all the power to you and go fish it. The beach doesn't belong to me. Now at the same time I'm not going to post the beach name or the location on the beach we fished to make it easy for the bucketiers.