Meet "Deeaygo"

Discussion in 'Home Built Fishing Lures' started by Capt. G, Jan 2, 2009.

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  1. Capt. G

    Or you can call him "Hammerhead"
    I carved this out of cast-able urethane, aka "Polywood".
    It swam pretty wicked as a one piece lure, but most lipless vibes (TD Vibe, Rattle Trap) are one piece, so I decided to cut it to make it saunter.

    The concept of this lure is a lipless jointed "vibration" lure, that swaggas (no misspell). I used a slow sinking Polywood formula, so no additional weight is needed.

    I "opened up" the joints, to give it that fresh "chunk" look.
    Remember, if you want to catch a lunker, you got to be a chunker. I wanted the abalone inlay look, without have to inlay the real shell, so I developed what I call "faux-balone". It looks better that it does in these pics.
    I wanted a "Mean" look, so I used split eyes.
    I have not thought of a tail for Diego yet; I jut stuck this one on for the swim test.
    I am off to the Island of Shikoku. I plan to introduce Diego to some Japanese Seabass.
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  2. the hook


    I want to make a sandwich out of that!
  3. el capo

    I like it G!Way to be creative.
  4. ConSeaMate

    Looks like a mini Dorado...........
  5. scuba e

    any chance on posting some videoso we can se it swim, sorry, swagga?
    Looks pretty cool.
  6. Mo Betta

    Not bad for a newbieLOL
  7. 1:11

    Wow G, that thing looks trick. That is a cool bait. Kinda reminds me of the Mako shark on Finding Nemo with that wierd eye. Let us know how it swims and if its getting bit for you.
  8. F15hK1ll3r

    cute little guy
  9. Capt. G

    "Diego" sucked ass.
    Actually the lure got a few looks from largemouth bass in the clear rivers of Shikoku, but no bites. It swims the same, jointed or not (like a Rattle trap), so it need some more work. I though (incorrectly) that jointing the lure would make it wobble from side to side more. I am sure it would catch a fish, but that is not good enough for me. Evil E suggested a double screw eye, in the single joint.
    I will mess with it, and post up if I re-invent the light bulb.
  10. Johnnyfish

    Nice work Mr. G. Did Ray give you permission to use Swagga?
  11. Capt. G

    Actually, Ray is putting a small pic of "Diego" on his CD, set to be released in the Summer of 2009.
  12. umoa

    question regarding the eyes. Are you using screws with epoxy? or is it a one piece wire?

    Ever had a screw pop from a fish?
  13. Capt. G

    No, I have not. It is not possible to pull one out of the castable urethane I use for these type of lures. I did some unscientific testing with the material and with the stainless parts. Basically the hooks bend/break first, then the SW split rings 'uncurl' or fail.

    If I was using wood, which I never do, as Polywood is so superior in EVERY way, I would not use screw eyes. Over time, as water soaks into the lure the rings will pull out. Wood big baits are high maintenance.
  14. Richard Cranium

    I'm with G'son....looks like something special.....