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  1. Captain Juan SQ

    I'm sorry to report that this report is a week late,internet machines are a bit on the primitive side in bola and my skill with this method of communication isnt much better never the less here it is.
    my friend cptn julio meza invited me to join him on a trip to bola for a couple of days of CABRILLA SARDINERA fishing,we got under way a bit on the late side and arrived in bola at 7:20(i love dates &times on fotos)we got on the water a bit late look'd aroun for some live stuff and headed for angel de la guardia island for what turnd out to be some spectacular acction on the surfas cabrilla bite,we relesd all exsept for a few we hade for dinner,next day we got on the water at first light,ignord the live stuff and headed direcTO for the bigg island we started neer los machos and work'd our way around the island on a 150 mile trip,running and gunning to all of julios faborite spots for some more incredible action some of the areas w're swarming wth dink yellos,there was so meny that they w're chassing the shadow of our jiggs and would hit it the instant the jigg hit da' water CRAZY,wide open,as some of you may remember my opinion on BOLA from my last tread from there ITS TRULY AN INCREDIBLE PLACE,the storie that pepe smith and julio tell me of the spectacular yellowtail fishing in late may the cabrilla fishind and the scenick wonder that this place is make it for unforgettable trips there,those of you looking into trips into the baja should plan one for this area,goodluckgoodfishinggoodfriends.


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  2. Captain Juan SQ

    we also pickt 4 small gulf gruppers that we put back in the water,beutyfull fish.

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  3. Captain Juan SQ

    PEPE SMITH & JUAN COOK,two mexican fisherman......

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  4. nick17yz

    thats looks like a really cool place.. cant wait to get down there to check it out myself. thanks for the report. was wondering if you sleep all winter, recovering from c bass season.. thats a sweet boat too.
  5. Captain Juan SQ

    THANKS NICK,absolutly you HAVE to GO,plannet out late may for the jumbo tails,and a day or two casting on the cabrillas,awsome stuff.
  6. Bajabil3

    That's the only word that comes to mind. Wow you guys caught some nice fish.
    You are the most intense fisherman I've ever fished with. WTG !
    Congrats on the great trip.
  7. Gil Marlin

    Did you get a new camera Juan???
  8. Tinknocker

    Cool shots Juan! Julio is tops for sure. Nice report. I just got here.
  9. Susana

    Fantastic as usual, Juan!! Didn't see ya on the road though, we hit Asuncion, now Loreto, and in a few days La Paz!!
  10. Captain Juan SQ

    @ stan,good to have you at the mill,tails on the 15fathomspot on jiggs,reds and lings,we need a little clearing.
    @yes it is MR GIL MARLIN power shot wide angle,4 some new fun.
    @susana thats reeel nice,la paz,i now youre boat fishes 3 reel nice,dous youre camper sleep 3?have some reeel fun down there i'll look after youre reds up here for youre majesty.
  11. eljurel

    Felicidades Juan Y Julio, aca ando en Bahia...
  12. Captain Juan SQ

    Horale que machin,lastima que no nos encontramos por ahi,ahi un chingo de jurel mediano en los amegados,suerte,trucha con el viento.
  13. Lorenzo

    Hey guys, what a great trip. Cool pics Juan and Julio I love the looks of your new ride Julio.
  14. 4baja

    you guys are killing me!!!!
  15. robertebaker

    Great looking cabrilla, El Juan.
  16. toddbersuch

    i love your boat!!!
  17. bassjedi

    Wow Juan. Great pics!
  18. aristeocanelos

    looks like you guys had fun. been there myself with julio and pedro casting to the "sardineras" and other groupers with jiggs and live bait. hard work but gratifying!!!

    cool pics. please post some more if you have any undisclosed.

  19. Santiago407

    Awesome trip. At 150 miles I'm guessing you did not circumnavigate the island? I figure maybe 200 +/- miles to do that. How far around the north/east side did you go? That is on my to-do list for next year. Cool avatar, by the way.
  20. Grand Slam

    Juan........ I think that was one of your best post this year. Thanks for sharing your BOLA adventure, I really want to do that trip this next season. Great job! Thanks again :)