MB jetty, docks, and WIND!

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by Trex858, Apr 13, 2012.

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  1. Trex858

    Had the itch to get out (when do I not?!) yesterday afternoon despite the somewhat trashy conditions and did some paddling around the bay on the yak. Not much tidal movement so i wasn't expecting a whole lot but its better than sitting on the couch.

    Started a drift down the jetty towards Quivera with nothing but a few short strikes. Finally got to the docks and drifted around pitching everything i had with nothing but a few lizard fish, mackerel, and one miniature spottie.

    Gulp shrimp, swimbaits, grubs, blades, and various jigs with creature trailers. But it was slim pickings all around!

    Side note: I just started fishing spectra with a fluoro top shot. It's a ton more sensitive, casts effortlessly, but I felt like my normal hookset was pulling wayyyy to fast and feel like I lost a few fish that way. I have read this before but this is the first time I experienced it first hand.

    Any thoughts on this?
  2. Carl

    Loosen your drag and fish with your rod further back. If you start with the rod further back you can't swing as far.
  3. cmartin50

    when fishing for spotties in newport i felt the same diffeence but i learned that once you feel the thump of a bite you have to keep reeling at the same retreive speed. if you still feel the tension in that split second between feelin the bite and continiously retrieving swing for the fences.
    i think its got to do with the bass trying to swallow the rest of the lure as if it were trying to get away.

    made 10 legals the other night on this technique

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  4. seriola_killer

    Carl, you shouldn't be mentioning anything about "swinging". The bullies are gonna jump all over you for that.