Massive coho haul at Westport

Discussion in 'Washington Saltwater Reports' started by barnettm, Sep 15, 2010.

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  1. barnettm

    This just adds to the other positive post on coho at Westport. We were there September 11, off Willipa @ 300 feet. Started off the morning with 16 pound cohos hitting trolled flies right on the surface. How in the hell do you beat that??

    After an hour or so the true surface action died, but we still were catchin' 'em the usual way about once every 15 minutes. Ended up with 8 @ 13-18 pounds.

    Weather was awesome too, so when I pulled the boat out I just winterized it and put it away, knowing that we had finished the year on a mighty fine note.

    You Sekiu guys get out to Westport!!!!

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  2. Dave's Delta

    Nice job.
  3. Fishtales69

    Excellent post, congratulations! You didn't happen to tell those fish to head this direction did you??
  4. Cpt. Chumstick

    That's awesome you got some on flies..that must be a blast! The quality of fish is outstanding too. Good catch.