Marlin Madness Still Going Strong off Cabo!

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by Bluewater Jon S, Jan 11, 2008.

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  1. Bluewater Jon S

    Hey guys, the marlin bite off of Finger Banks and Golden Gate is still way off the charts- and there are big tuna there, too, among the porpoise! I just got back from a great trip there. Look, if a bozo like me can land 8 striped marlin from a kayak in 2 days, then you can triple that, easy! I know you guys are more into tuna, so here is my ill fated tuna story:

    The second day, I was trolling a mac behind my kayak, as I did both days, when I was overtaken by a school of porpoise. I had been used to the marlin strikes on the bait, which were very gradual- the fish never picked up steam until they realized they were hooked- that's when they towed me all around. But this time, the reel screams immediately, and as soon as I tightened down the drag on my TLD 30 II loaded with 60 pound, the fish heads straight down and begins to kick my tail in a most brutal fashion.

    I was very sore from the day before, and had also come down with a nasty cold, so I was really suffering on the fish. Still, I managed to get the fish up real close to my kayak. I had a guy filming it and he and the chase boat were right next to me. I was beginning to worry that if I let the fish sulk, the hole in his mouth might get big enough that the fish would escape, so I gambled, and added more pressure to my setup (using a custom 80# graphite rod, 5 feet long, all rollers, made by martin Yo) by pushing the line, with my thumb, against the hypalon grip, and I heaved really hard, and- POP! the damn hook broke!

    I was furious! I guess I shoulda would could done something different. I still have the damn hook- saved it for posterity. I never saw the fish but the guys on the boat said they saw the head and it was maybe triple digits. Oh well, lucky fish!

    In any case, I got the whole trip filmed by a pro videographer in High Def and it looks really good. The marlin were very cooperative and were jumping right next to my kayak much of the time- almost too close.

    here is a youtube clip of some of the highlights:
    YouTube - Kayak Fishing for Marlin with Bluewater Jon Schwartz

    all marlin were hooked, fought, and released from the kayak.
    Why though, can't I forget about that tuna?!
  2. Jason Admin

    Jon how do you revive a marlin after it's drug you around in the yak for an hour?
  3. Ali Admin

    Nice work John.

    I'm sure that's a blast!
  4. Bluewater Jon S

    Jason, Well actually I use heavy stand up gear, and that allows me to get them up within about 30 minutes. The goal is to get them up, to me, at just the right point, where they are not so green and unpredicatble, but they are not too exhausted either- this way, I get them close, and grab the bill with my fully gloved hands, then if the fish seems calm and the hook can be taken out I'll do that, otherwise I cut the leader as close to the knot at the hook as possible and let them go. Many times they just kick away. Once in a while they are a little spent but if I do it right they can get their wits about them and take off on their own, having regained their color. You can see the process I mention in the youtube video
  5. sharkbuster

    hey jon that is great hope to see you out there sometime
  6. Bluewater Jon S

    Tx man- hope to see you too! Where do you fish?