Marina Coral 8/13, 14, & 18

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by Capt. Skip, Aug 20, 2007.

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  1. Capt. Skip

    Well, I just did another week at Coral on "Ah Dunno" (48' Viking) and "Serenity" (50' Mickelson).

    Baited up Monday AM at Gordo's - nice mix of large and med. 'deans for a change. Did the Lower 500.

    69.5 degree water just above the high spot got us a Dodo and a smallish Yellowfin - both blind strikes on a green Cedar, and a pink feather.

    Just below and to the east of the high spot we found 70.3 water and got a triple jig strike - Albacore!! In 70.3 water!!!???? We held the school for a while, and got some bait fish, in addition to the jig fish.

    Tuesday was bottom fish down at San Jose - WIDE on the big Reds, and scratched out 10 Lings.

    Saturday AM we found Gordo's had no bait, but Mike had a load of Mackeral, with some smelt mixed in.

    We hit one Paddy that was holding Yellows, got two bites, and then the guys dove it. Gangs of fun. Ran on in to San Jose again for freezer filler.

    Gotta go, more later.
  2. progress_1

    Thanks for the report, sounds like a good time.
  3. Bad Dawg

    Good going on the albacore in the warmer water. By Saturday they were gone for us, we pounded the L500 for most of the morning and did find the footballs you reported. But, after the initial jig strikes around 0700 I couldn't get bit a second time.

    Skip, nice post. As Gerrado would say "you are my hero". How about posting some of those great pictures you took this last trip. Lets get out there soon and get some more.
  5. Capt. Skip

    I would Anthony, but "Ah Dunno" how to do that.