March '06 Avet Contest Poll

Discussion in 'Avet Reels Support' started by Jason, Apr 6, 2006.


Who wins the Avet JX 6/3?

Poll closed Apr 10, 2006.
  1. Deep Blue Gulf for Charlie

    69 vote(s)
  2. wishtofish for his dad Larry

    13 vote(s)

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  1. Jason Admin

  2. jbarto

    Killer photo of the black drum. Hard to identify the Avet in the other photo.
  3. Calico

    Pic 1 with the drum shows off the avet isn't that what it is all about?
  4. capt josh

    Hey hey hey now there are no less than 2 avets visible in Larry's his kid sent in the submission for that's gotta count for a few tearjerker points no?

    Plus look at that is a goddamn good looking mexican if i've ever seen one...
  5. blownbudget

    What he said...
  6. Saluki

    Wonder who the 1 vote is from :rofl:
  7. SDtone

    yup, Calico is right...
  8. capt josh


    Look i voted at least 3 times and it's still only showing 2 votes...

    WTF is up with THAT?????
  9. Stanley

    Both are great pic's...but gotta go with the one pimpin the reel.
  10. Saluki

    :D :notworthy
  11. jbarto

    I was trying to vote for your ladies, but didn't see the option to vote for 'em!
  12. Fishburger

    Going back and reading the original guideline, etc...I'd say #1 as well....but both fish are bitchen.
  13. capt josh

    Oh YEAH...NOW we see the problems inherent with the system!!! chicks with avets DON'T COUNT...

    What a bunch of PIGVOMIT....

  14. jbarto

    Another example of the man bringing you down!
  15. Jason Admin

    HAHA. Especially since you posted them last season... I never forget a shit with a chick in it.
  16. Stanley

    Owned! LOL
  17. Mamoo

    I voted for the first one.
  18. coryellk

    Most of the previous votes, and consider the following... Black drum fishing in South Texas is "Everyman's Fishing". It's synonymous with throwing sand fleas for SoCal barred surfperch. We've all done it (we may have been twelve though). Folks that can fly down to catch Roosters in Costa Rica, Panama, or Cabo don't need free reels from Bloodydecks. Kevin
  19. jbarto

    That is a shitty thought about drum fishing. I have done it in Georgia and South Carolina, and it can be difficult catching fish that big. Wouldn't the same be said for tuna fishing on the San Diego boats? Sure, you can catch some larger grade fish, but you also will catch schoolies too. Have a little respect for others fisheries.

    Oh yeah, just wait until Scribby sees your perch analogy. Your fucked!
  20. capt josh

    OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH....NOW look who's calling the kettle BLACK!!!

    Sorry Larry...looks like we've got some back room politics going on here....

    (And to think Sarkis and Harry came to your "great" country for an honest shot at democracy...)