Marathon Florida 03/27/05

Discussion in 'Anywhere Fishing Reports' started by TheShark, Mar 28, 2005.

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  1. TheShark

    Caught my first Cobia...


    32" at the fork 1" short of legal over all is 36"

    Also caught Various Grouper & Jack Crevalle

    Tried for Permit for nada still a great time on the water -
    I will post pic's when I get back tomorrow...

    Fuel Dock


    Pic's from Jeff's dock


    Might hit the water today 3/28... the wind is blowing 20+ have a charter with kids on it... we are trying to wait it out and see if it dies down to make it easier on the kids...

    The front that started to come in:


  2. Mo Betta

    Have a safe trip!
  3. TheShark

    Made it back- added some pic's

    Have to get back there mid april

    The Permit started to bite the day I headed home- they landed a 47lb Permit...And had the nerve to call me as I was getting on the plane to tell me about it
  4. ChuyDawg

    Congrats on the Trip...
    SOOO does this mean you are going to become a Florida Native soon???
    You are visiting quite often???
    ;) ;) ;)

    Thanks for letting me vent also...
    I really needed it at that time...
  5. TheShark

    I am always here for you Chuy...

    24/7 Bro.

    Florida Native??? Who Me? LOL Free fishing for you if I do!
  6. bertram31

    Looks like some serious weather coming in. Sounds like a fun trip, wish I could do something like that about now.

  7. TheShark

    Life is too short not to make it happen!
  8. Anglette

    amen on the life's too short, cant wait to see you up here so we can kick Tracy's ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. byeye

    Your all over the frickin place woman. Do you really have a job? Or are you fishing for a living now? LOL
  10. TheShark

    I still work :)

    I am also workin on fishing for a living :D

    You will love me soon!