Man, just when it looks up, it bites you.........My Dog needs help!!

Discussion in 'Personal News' started by rojodiablo, Apr 4, 2012.

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  1. rojodiablo

    Life is like a halibut: When you the little sardine are swimming along, thinking you have made it through the surf, the big halibut of life is laying on the bottom and bites your ass.

    My lab, Stains, pulled up lame last night. My ex said he had limped a couple days ago for a bit, but had not persisted with it.

    Prognosis........ torn ACL.:Bawling_e My hunting buddy just became a flat ground hunter. And shit; I just started working again last week....... how the hell do ya swing a $4K surgery???

    I am torn. Stains kept me sane, and in the hunt when my world was darkest. When I was really, really depressed, he kept me from going off the deep end...... But this is a LOT of money. I am pretty floored.

    If anyone knows a vet surgeon who is a saint, let me know. I can work out trades for services; plenty of guys here can attest to my ability in remodeling houses& businesses, and all kinds of fab/ welding stuff. I can make payments (I will have to) and I have a bit of cash set aside.

    My cell number is 714-801-5514. Since I got picked back up with the shop, I can take text messages during the 7am-4:30 time span, or calls after 4:30. Any leads will help, and yes, I will travel; I am in HB.

    Thanks for listening guys.
  2. Aggro

    Shit, hang on. I know this chick that knows vets for stuff like this. Let me ping her tomorrow. Ping me by noon.
  3. yellowklr

    If you aren't afraid of Tijuana I have a great vet
    He did the acl's in both my dogs legs. Price is around one thousand
  4. Danthefishman

    Sorry to hear about your luck. DO NOT put him down though. I know its tough when cash is tight, but you will never forgive yourself for losing your best bud. Hopefully someone can hook you up with a cheaper vet. Good luck and keep us posted.
  5. rojodiablo

    If I had to, I'd give him my kidney if he needed one. My issue is not whether to put him down thankfully!! If this was a hip.........we'd be looking at a much worse situation.

    He is not in much pain, and other than he looks funny trying to balance and take a dumper, he is hanging in there well. Stains is very strong, and healthy as hell, so the concerns for me are how long to wait for the surgery. Since he is not hurting, time is a bit on our side.

    I tell ya, every time I am feeling down, I come in here and realize that I have the best friends in the world. Stains included!!!
    Maybe his last time up the chukar hill: Tim, Grant, kevin and Stains with chukar.jpg
  6. rojodiablo

    I have no internet at the shop; I live in the yard with the equipment. Try to text me, and I will call you back at either noon, or 2:30, or after 4:30.

    TJ is do-able if need be.

    Will the vet do my knee while I am there???:doh:

    And, again; thank you everyone. Sincerely, Paul.
  7. Bank Robber

    Sorry to hear it Paul. Hit up Stairman (Doug) on here. He might know someone that can help.
  8. Aggro

    she is not in yet but should be, your fly is open ^^
  9. ConSeaMate

    What are you doing looking at mens crotches?........
  10. Ali Admin

    Call these guys:

    When out dog blew it's knee out they offered us a cadillac surgery @ $3500 or the chevy version of the same process at $1500.

    We went chevy and the dog was happy and healthy for years after the surgery.

    They are awesome vets (we have had some bad experiences with others).

    Good luck dood.
  11. Trayscool

    pay the money man. i got a chocolate too and I know I would sell my kidney to fix my mutt. I hope it works out for you....
  12. ConSeaMate

    If you don't have the cash you can apply for a Care Credit Card......they are accepted at many Vets.......they give you one year to pay with out any interest......then the interest is like 24 percent........
  13. Aggro

    From my source
    He can also go thru They sometime assist in medical costs. He has to be denied Care Credit though from what I understand. My vet is amazing and he can seek a second opinion Cuyamaca Animal Hospital at 619-448-0707. They are located in Santee. I have a great Orthopedic vet as well but very expensive. Not sure what a consult would be though. Hope this helps. Suzi
  14. rojodiablo

    Thank you everyone!!! I am going to call some more folks tomorrow, and then we will either be buying him a Chevy knee, a Tijuana knifejob, or something similar.

    You folks are making me sleep a lot easier. Dog bless!!!
  15. rojodiablo

    That is my buddy Tim, not me........
    Here is me: 13 lb. lobster small version.jpg
  16. yellowklr

    The surgery doesn't take long at all
    The way I did WAS DROP HER OFF on a Monday and left her for the week. After the surgery you really have to watch them and I couldn't take off work. The aftercare is so cheap it worked out better that way. This vet is just awesome and close to the border
  17. rojodiablo

    Derek, everyone- I want to say 'Thank You very much'. Tomorrow I am heading down to SD to take Stains to the vet, get him fixed up.
    It means a whole lot to me.
    Derek, if you get a chance, please give me a call. Thanks, Paul.
  18. ?? fisherman

    Paul ~ Are you taking the dog to TJ, is that why you are coming down to SD. Just curious, and if you don't wish to say it's understood.

    Good luck to you and your dog!

    The unknown fisherman:p:

    That picture has to be years old!!! LOL

    If you need a place to spend the night you know where I am. I am sure things will work out for both of you.
  20. rojodiablo

    I took Stains to Doctor Alonso Alexander, in TJ. He is a really nice guy, and has a nice little shop right in front of the Caliente dog racetrack. I got there a bit late for x rays this evening, but by noon tomorrow we will know if the leg is really bad, or if it is less serious.
    I feel pretty confident, the doc has a good attitude, and he was pleased with Stains' physical state- said if we need to do the surgery, he is a good candidate for it.
    So, I will hunker down for the evening, and am crossing my fingers that my dog will be OK!!
    And, FWIW, the x rays alone are far more affordable than my local vet in Fountain Valley.
    Again, thank you everyone for the help. Ali's vet- she was so good with information on the types of surgery, and the rationale for each type, and overall success. With the information she gave me, it helped narrow this down a lot.