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Discussion in 'Okuma Fishing Tackle' started by BENNETT, Nov 21, 2012.

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    We always listen to our customers recommendations when it comes to launching new products and expanding current product lines. We have had requests for a Makaira 50II SEa tuned version, with the unshielded spool bearings and new low gear. The current speed gear on the MK-50II is 1.3:1. Our question is with the current trend of rail fishing taking over, and anglers are shifting away from the harness, are guys fishing the rail looking for a "stump puller" low speed gear? Rail fishing is a So. Cal technique, so we want your feedback. Right now we are looking at a straight 1:1 gear ratio for the MK-50SEa. Do you feel this would be a good idea or is the low speed gearing to low? Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

    Mike Bennett
    Okuma Fishing Tackle
  2. screamingreel

    Hello Mike,

    The 1:1 gearing seems okay. I think a 1.1:1 would be better on a 50 series narrow topless reel. Having a 4:1 high-speed option would another desirable gearing option for jigging.

    - Jeff
  3. Shooter

    I purchased a Penn 70 4 years years or so ago and replaced the low gear set with a set of the gears supplied by Cals. I think they are 1:1. This set up provides some real pulling power. Resently picked up one of your Makaira 50II (have not fished it yet) and things have tested impressively in my garage pulling on 50# of bar bells
    The 1:1 gears would get my vote instantly. Not too intrested in a higher high gear.
    Oh yeah, I"m a harness guy. Thanks for asking Happy Thanks Giving
  4. wahoodad

    Personally, I feel the 1:1 will be way too low for a 50 sized spool. You won't be able to keep up with the fish.1:1 is good for an 80 sized spool, but 1.2:1 would be better for a 50 sized reel.
  5. 12yak

    SO glad to hear that you're coming out with a Makaira 50II SEa. It's been on my wish list since you introduced the 30II SEa. I have rail rods, and a few others that I use with a harness. I'd be inclined to also go with a 1.2:1 over 1:1.
  6. 2earlee2na

    I prefer 1.2:1 over 1:1.
  7. Bill W

    I have a 50 II and I like the gearing fine as it is. Along with the 4 to 1 idea I would really like to see a Makaira 80 II narrow ver. Now that one would work great with a 1 to 1 low gear...
  8. capjimy

    l have my int. 80's 1 to 1 low geared, total power!! l also have a couple of 50's with 1 to 1 low, again LOTS of power. Have seen a couple of lnt. 80's wth the narrow kit by Cal Sheets and was a little hesitant on the idea because the reel was imo too top heavy, to me felt somewhat awkward, now if your a harness guy it may not be too bad as the straps would help hold it from rocking but if your a rail guy it would seem to me to be somewhat harder to handle. l have thought about perhaps Okuma coming out with a 70 like Penn, keep it standard size not wide or narrow, but with a little deeper spool and narrower shoulders on the spool it would increase the line capacity considerably, also size 80 drags in it. Now we all know Penn puts out a great 80 but we all know why its losing its popularity among L/R anglers, SIZE AND WEIGHT!!! So if l was Okuma, l would consider a 70, lighter, smaller and a lot easier to handle with almost same capacity as the older 80's with the same size drag, also l'd give the option on the low gear, a 1 to 1 or the 1.2 to 1. l'm really surprised that Penn hasn't tried to do something with their 70's in that regard. Anyway guys, thats my story and l'mmmmmm stickin to it.
  9. Bearwell


    I like the 1:1 gears. I have them in 6 of my 50 sized reels and in an 80. I'd wanted them in my 70 but I could only get 1.18:1. I fish both rail and harness. Having the 1:1 gears is not so good on the bow in swell as you're only getting a foot per crank but I still prefer it as I don't find myself on the bow in swell that much. This is assuming 30+# of drag at full spool.

    2 of the 50s have 4:1 gears too for jig and kite fishing.

  10. Bill W

    I need to teach my fish to behave like yours...
  11. Normslanding

    I have a 50 with 1:1 that I have used in PV, on a Ponga and Cruser. I also found the 1:1 to be to low.
  12. wes cerny

    This brings to mind a question.
    Considering both with full spools.
    What would the line retrieve per turn of the handle be on the 50 with 1.1 to1 low compared to the SEA 20 or 30 with the 1.3 to 1 low gear?
    I'm thinking it is close.
  13. Fishybuzz

    Well if we get to vote I would vote for 1:1.......if I have trouble catching up I use high gear.
  14. Bearwell

    You have to ask real nice like.

    Then you have to ask the wind to shut down too... :)

  15. Bearwell

    Here's what I calculate based on the spool diameters and handle length measurements. In general, inches per turn and handle load will be less as most folks, including me, don't fill the spools to the top. I didn't count the teeth on the gears so I'm using the published figures. I don't own a Makaira to measure.

    30# drag at spool diameter.

    Ratio:Inch/turn:Handle Load in pounds

    3.1 46.5 68.8
    1.4 21.0 31.1
    1.0 15.0 22.2

    3.1 41.7 61.7
    1.4 18.8 27.9
    1.18 15.9 23.5

    4.0 47.5 74.8
    3.1 36.8 58.0
    1.3 15.4 24.3
    1.0 11.9 18.7

    Tiagra 30 w/Ti50 Handle
    3.9 41.0 62.2
    1.7 17.9 27.1
    1.2 12.6 19.1

    For myself, I find that at 30# of drag on a P50SW, I got tired at 1.3:1 = 24# handle load. At 19# handle load, I can keep the handle turning all the time and slip the drag if needed. If I bump it to 40#, then handle load goes up to 25# and it's like I'm at 30#drag and 1.3:1.

    I don't want to wait for the rod tip to go up to start cranking as that means I let the fish have some line. I start cranking before the boat starts to drop, slipping the drag and then keeping the load at max drag through the whole wave cycle.

    Unless of course the swell is so big that I can't crank fast enough to keep up when the bow drops down. Then I have to switch to high gear and prolong the fight. The Tiburon would be handy in this situation.

    The other downside is in mid fight when the fish is up and away and circling the boat. In that case, I could use a higher low-gear as the fish is usually not pulling drag and the effective spool diameter is less than full. Then the 1:1 gears are a negative as I have to crank quickly to make up the "free" line the fish is giving to me.

    This is even worse when I have a 4:1 high gear as the difference between high and low gears are a factor of 4 rather than the stock 2.4. Then I feel like neither gear is good. An AVET 3 speed would be good in this case. In any case, for me, most of the fight time is spend up/down with the fish swimming in circles, which I how I optimized my gearing.

    On a side note, notice that the P80ST and 4:1 P50SW/P50T are as fast as Wahoo reels. Great for picking up the kite line as it's falling from the clip.

    Like in car racing, fishing gear ratios is a matter of how you tend to use the reels (and the size of the powerplant). For me 1:1 is the way to go. Probably more so as I get older....

    Last edited: Nov 23, 2012
  16. reelconcerned

    Mike, I like the idea of 1to1 ratio, either in a harness or rail, the rod pulling up the fish controlled by the crank of the reel instead of the pumping or rocking of the rod I believe there would be a less chance of knot failure or pulling the hook. My 2 cents...Paul
  17. shajcl

    If Okuma comes up with the 1:1 low gear on the new 50 will it offer to retrofit the original 50 with the 1:1 low gear?
  18. Crow

    1:1 thanks
  19. Fishybuzz

    Mike what have the deciders decided??????
  20. lkatdpelicanfly

    I have never pulled on a cow but will be slowly gearing up for future cow no comment on the gear ratio, but I like the idea of a narrow 50 like the width of an avet sds. I already have an avet 50w and I dont think id buy another 50 size reel in any brand if its wider than an sds, (unless of course i got a killer deal on an atd 50w since they are so much lighter than most 50s).