Makaira 16 SEa

Discussion in 'Okuma Fishing Tackle' started by nvanderdussen, May 31, 2013.

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  1. nvanderdussen

    Any news when this reel will be available? I have one ordered.
  2. Pelagic Outfitters Advertiser

    Retailers should be receiving them any day now.
  3. nvanderdussen

  4. jiggyn

    any day now any day now any day now
  5. reelconcerned

    I hope so chris I have (1) ordered with you and I've been looking at a trip for those BIG blue fins in july...Paul
  6. Pelagic Outfitters Advertiser

    Just received my first load of 16's in silver, gun metal & gold. Tomorrow I'll begin go reach out to all who have pre ordered to confirm shipping and offer spooling if desired. Next batch of 16's due in around the end of the month.
  7. reelconcerned

    Boy that was quick chris...Paul
  8. Pelagic Outfitters Advertiser


    You are all boxed up and ready to ship. It will leave here on Monday. Thanks again!
  9. Mackey53


    Post up a pic of that Badboy!
  10. Pelagic Outfitters Advertiser

    Been having severe computer issues the past 3 days. My system crashed and have been working with techs to recover. I am running at about 75% as I type, but am unable to download/upload any images. I have pics & will post ASAP. Hang tight!
  11. reelconcerned

    Look under the san diego long range forum, under mak 16(sea) for pictures...Paul
  12. bobsled

    LINKED for ya.
  13. reelconcerned

  14. Pelagic Outfitters Advertiser

    Pics as promised, sorry for the delay but my computers are still a bit screwy and I'm far from an IT guy! Lol

    mak16silver.jpg mak16all3.jpg mak16silver-1.jpg mak16silver-2.jpg mak16silver-3.jpg
  15. gary760

    Hi Chris

    What gear ratios did they decide upon for the 16 and 16sea and also are they realy both 40oz they seem to have done a lot of lightening out to be only 5.8oz less than the 20

    Regards Gary
  16. Pelagic Outfitters Advertiser

    Ratios on the standard gold 16 & SEa 16 are both 4.3:1/ 1.3:1 Actual weight on my shipping scale comes in a touch over 40 oz. (40.4oz)
  17. gary760

    Thank you for your very rapid reply lovely looking reel.
  18. saltysurfman

    Great looking reels. I am going to try and stop in tonight to see what balances and fits on my rod better. I am thinking its either going to be the 16 or 20. Hopefully I will get home in time to get out to you.
  19. Capt Manny Advertiser

    MK 16II is one of the best reels I ever fish with here In Puerto vallarta, we score a nice 180lbs yellowfin tuna last january,fish come up in 45 minute fight.

    Go get them guys, MK's are the best reels ...

    Capt Manny
  20. darrenforeal

    I take it you have these in stock? Site says pre-order still. Or is what you have in stock only for pre-orders? If not ill probably get one