Major Baja Boating Accident

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by u got slack!, Jul 4, 2011.

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  1. u got slack!

  2. Majestic Lures

    The Boat Was Over 100ft Long Too. And Yet Capsized. Love to see a picture of the boat on what it looked like before it capsized.
  3. FishStalker

    Maybe by the end of the day we can get another 100 people to repost this same story...
  4. Majestic Lures

    Well Mr. Fishstalker apparently we didnt know there were other post about it not everyone goes to everysingle forum.

    Here is the info and pic of the boat. I hope they find everyone


    * The ERIK has been in the Sea of Cortez liveboard since 1989, and has thrilled thousands of guests.
    * The vessel has a length of 115' with a 24' beam. Built in Holland, she was equipped with stabilizers to handle the turbulent North Sea.
    * 9 air-conditioned staterooms will each sleep between 2-4 people. 1 large air-conditioned stateroom, located behind the wheelhouse, can accomodate up to 6 people.
    * 5 bathrooms and 3 showers are located on the main and upper decks.
    * The galley and outdoor eating area, with light breezes and sunset views, are located on the main deck near the bow.
    * The ERIK will carry 9 pangas, accommodating either 2 or 3 fishermen(plus 1 guide). Each panga is equipped with a bait tank.

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  5. Surfdoc