Mag Bay Warning / Travel Alert.

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  1. timkatzakian

    Great trip down from San Diego. Lots of fish outside of Santa Maria bay. Birds and Marlin galore.

    On the hook in Mag Bay, one of the guys goes out to take a leak at 1:30am to find 3 banditos about to board us in a panga. Probably to steal rods. These bastards had a nice quiet 4 stroke honda on back. They slid up with the motor off and we caught them right at the start. Luckily for us nothing was taken. We yelled at them and I shined our high power hand held in their eyes. They were swearing in spanish. Fuckers. They were lucky they did not get a spear gun through their fucking forehead or a flare gun up their asses.

    More marlin on finger bank than one can imagine. We jumped in the water and swam with them. Almost better than catching them.
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  2. Ali

    Thanks for sharing.

    Really sorry to keep hearing about crime down there. Especially in Baja Sur....

    That's just brazen...
  3. El Jefe Grande3

    Great pics/report and good for you for being aware.
  4. Surfdoc

    Shit, is nothing sacred. Baja Sur even.

    Thanks so much for the report.

    I'm a believer in the Big Dogs belong on boats! Scrapps has a gnarly bark. Don't know if she would bite... but she sure as hell lets me know if anyone is near us!
  5. timkatzakian

    Most people down there are good. We have been on that trip 4 times and we never imagined that someone would try and board your boat in the middle of the night to steal your shit. Especially in the middle of nowhere. They would have just melted into the landscape. What would you do? Nothing. Just say that you have been screwed. We had never heard of that happening. Tell everyone that you know to beware of bandits in pangas at night boarding your boat.
  6. baja tailhunter

    the same thing happened to us on the big game 90 at cedros on 9-1-07
  7. Kevin J. Oliver

    frig, brazen bastards ... what was up with that story, anything taken ?
  8. timkatzakian

    When you least expect it, watch out. There are lots of pangas running around cedros and turtle too. Cedros is big and I could imagine that. It would be great to pull the trigger on a Riffe spear gun on one of those fuckers and pin him to the combing pad.
  9. timkatzakian

    Does anyone know if you can shoot them or kill them if they board your boat? What is the law?
  10. JiGGZ

    Don't know what the MEX law is but I know what the MAN law is. Picture your girl sleeping down below and a bunch of fuckin thugs board you in the middle of the night. You gonna be worried about LAW or making sure the bodies don't float to the surface before you get back across the border.

    I can't believe they did it to the BG 90 with a bunch of grown men on board. They get caught and it would have been ON!!!

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