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Discussion in 'Freshwater Fly Fishing' started by TheShark, Sep 26, 2006.

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  1. TheShark

    Here is your Stillwater playground!

    Make it good!
  2. Salmo22


    Your the best. Thanks.

  3. TheShark


    We also need to Thank Misuse, he made it possible for us to have this new area.

    I am trying to figure out how to get our first "rough cut" stillwater short movie up here for you.
  4. Salmo22


    Can't wait to see it. Will you eventually have a DVD for sale? If yes, you must include lots of footage from your upcoming trip to the Big "H". You and Bruce are going to absolutely kick some butt. Make sure and film your fly boxes (open so we can see all your secret weapons), 'toon set-up, rods, reels, etc. Thanks again.

  5. TheShark

  6. CrowleyDog

    Very Nice...Thanks Shelly!:appl:
  7. IFSteve


    Great job. Now everyone needs to remember the most important thing when it comes to stillwaters.

  8. TheShark

    Ummm Yeahhhhh

    :_shopping I am on my way in a few weeks, will you be able to meet us there?
  9. flygoddess

    Well if you catch Ralph (that is what I named the 34") give him a kiss for me.
    Great forum, it is going to get blasted. Maybe not to much round the Rocky Mountains in the winter. Hard to launch that tube on water with a HARD ON!.......:cheers:
  10. IFSteve


    When are you and Bruce coming up? Waterfowl season starts next week but I might be able to sneak a day of fishing in.:cheers:
  11. TheShark

    Steve - we will be there the 24th.
    It would be great to see you!

    I could only hope to catch Ralph
  12. IFSteve


    How long are you guys coming for. The 24th just might work. Will check my calendar at work but will try and fit in a day with you guys!

  13. SALTYDAWG Advertiser

    Now youre goin to Idaho, Will I ever get another double cheeseburger???:104167739 :shake: :)
  14. TheShark

    After talking to Pete today, It looks like I will be working the next Bloodydecks trip.

    Or you can come visit me on the Dolphin, 1/2 day boat out of Islandia.
    Monday, all day, tuesday afternoon, wed all day, thursday all day I think

    Yes Steve - we will be there the 24th thru the 1st.
  15. macfly55

    Hey Goddess.... should I post those fantastic pictures of the bluegills I caught a few weeks ago on Lake Dixon.... :lol:....that is when I slipped on the bank and pulled my right thigh muscle.. have not been the same sense.. and what made less sense was I caught all the fish AFTER I hurt my leg.. just did not want to not catch a damn thing...

  16. macfly55

    Hmmmmmmmm Goddess... this is a perplexing problem solved by mother nature herself.. cause I would think that as soon as you put your butt in that cold water.. you would "suddenly relax" and slip right into that tube...

  17. flygoddess

    You gotta suffer to sing the BLUE---gills LOL

    As far as relaxing on that cold water....I don't think so Tim (quote from Tim the Tool man)
  18. macfly55

    Okay okay...if you were in the water with me in that avatar get up.. cold water or not there would be NO RELAXING... :rofl:
  19. flygoddess

    :) Mwa hahahahaha, my plan has worked. If that is me (and I am not saying it isn't:boobies: ) it would have been a few years ago.
  20. tlcgpw

    :cheers: hey flygodess,
    what happened to your okolie(but in Hawaiian)
    must have been out in the sun alot this summer.
    it's all tan.flamer