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Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by Magenta, Jun 17, 2008.

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  1. Magenta

    I'm new to BD and thought I would post the rod being built for me. I'm taking it to So. Cal next week to try it out!
  2. fishnRB

    Whats the blank?
  3. Zombie

    Pretty nice there Monique.
  4. Magenta

    According to the builder it is a Setyr IC190XH extra fast taper 15lb-30lb
  5. fishnRB

    Im sure its gonna be a sweet stick. Where are ya fishing in SoCal?
  6. graya

    Looks pretty good nice colors i just got an idea for my daughter next fishing rod thanks for sharing the photos.
  7. socalkid


    I gess pink rods catch fish too.:rofl:It looks great, hope you have some luck.

    Good luck,

  8. 1:11

    very pretty colors. I ve been wanting to do some ladies rods myself. And im almost finished with some protos that have taken way to long. If any ladies are interested in doing a ladies proto shoot me PM.

    all the ladies, all the ladies, all the ladies in the house say yeah, say......

    BTW, who twiddled that whip?
  9. Sluester

    Wrap looks a little busy but as long as you like it it's all good!
    Hope you whack some feeesh with it!
  10. Magenta

    Made by a guy I was hanging out with at the rod show...I like his work.
  11. Magenta

    I'm thinking about an overnight trip to where ever the fish are biting. Probably out of Dana all depends on what the fish are doing.
  12. 1:11

    He's a good guy to build you a rod like that.. Cool idea. Was the random decco section your idea or his? Im guessing yours... He's right, your gonna love your Setyr.
  13. Comedie

    Looks a bit like Russ Pollack's craft ribbon usage there. Is it, or is it done the hard way?
  14. Rooster1264

    It was done THE right way!!! No fake ribbon bullshit crap. Old Skool, one thread at a time.
  15. Comedie

    Just asking. With no obvious xwrap mergings, from a pic I can't tell the difference. Russ CP's his ribbon, so the show-thru is at a minimum and that would be an obvious clue. But if not individually CP'ed the ribbon would have the translucence I think I see in those pics. So I had to ask.
  16. 1:11

    i recognized your work immediately Steve. thats a cool wrap, great coolers. old skool with a touch of new skool craziness. i can imagine it blings out much more in person. ALPS XN's, im guessing ALPS seat. the carbon fiber look of the Setyr blank (butt only ??) is neat tight. A pink or silver SX would be bad ass on there. Hope she gets to test it on an albie at some point. A slug on 20-25# on that rig would be a hell of a contest.
  17. The Bushman

    Steve, are you sure you didn't wrap it for your upcoming trip?? Nice work! Monique will probably outfish you anyway! Might as well look good doing it!
  18. okie man

    looks like who ever wrapped it needs to learne to layout his diamonds!:finger: i like the colors though. i better not see it on the angler next week ! sure you would'nt rather have this one

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  19. G-Spot

    I thought I recomgnize that window sill in the back ground from other photos..... And I remeber the randon ribon look from another post.... I though it was you right away..... Nice wrap! I'd fish a pink wrap if it looked that good.....
  20. CSP

    A true Artist at work, by far some of the best quality work out there "IMO", I've seen Steven's work up close, "at the rod show" this guy put's his heart and soul into his work,and you can tell that he really love's to do it, by the creativity that he put's in each rod. That's why I can't wait to see what he does with my rod. Monique your one lucky girl, I hope the pink turn's red from all the fish you kill on your trip down here.