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Discussion in 'Washington Saltwater Reports' started by "BiteMe", Oct 30, 2011.

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  1. "BiteMe"

    so with the closing for salmon nearing I decided to head out once again. All the usual ho's were busy so I took my trusty sidekick son michael age 7 out with me. The two of us dropped 4 pots by eliza and headed for a day of fishing. We hit eagle bluff at about half an hour after high tide. There were several other boats fishing with us. didn't see anything caught for about an hour and a half so we trolled around the point. Saw a little boat on the point messing with a tiny little must have been barely legal bm but nothing marking. Hit a secondary location that I thought might hold fish on an ebb and joined the fleet of about 9 other boats. Marked a bunch of fish and on the second pass hooked up. I gave a good hookset and instructed michael to "not stop reeling and keep the rod tip up". after clearing the water I grabbed the net and proceeded to net the fish for my son michael. This was his first nookie with no assistance whatsoever. I think I was more proud than he was. (and I proclaimed it to everyone within shouting distance!). Then on the next pass a second fish hammered my rod. Despite the fact that it was peeling line like crazy I handed the rod over and gave the little guy the same instructions......bummer it came off half way to the boat.....o well, it was good practice and I really didn't care as it was michaels day to play fish. The bite slowed up enough so I decided that the timing was right to head to one of my other favorites that of the 9 times I've fished it this year I had one day being skunked with no bites. The timing was right and after 20 min fishing with not another boat in site I had a hard take down. Hand it over and same thing. good practice but it comes unbuttoned (hate those barbless hooks :_diarrhea_: ). decided to call it a day and head back to the 6 keeper size crabs.....bummer that 4 were soft and went back for december! Great day on the water and memorable to say the least. The fish that michael brought in was hooked on a special lure that I came up with before the anacortes derby last year so it was even better!
    here's the proud little fisherman.

    :finger: biteme :finger:

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  2. Omega3

    Funny that some people were whining and bitching not to long ago about people giving too much info in the San Juans. There's a reason Eagle Pt./Tide Pt. has become unfishable. It's only a matter of time when other areas get exposed and the internet groupies crowd us out as well. It's getting old!
  3. "BiteMe"

    You dont even deserve a response. I will let others rip you a new one. Its not a secret spot by any means.
    :finger: notice where i said there werent fish caught there? Yup. I can see swarms already.
  4. Omega3

    It's great your son got such a nice fish but lets just say there are a lot of people who know you well that are getting tired of SJ reports with details. Just wanted to point out that you and others totally slammed a guy for posting a summer report with details. It goes both ways, nice fish for your son.
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  5. ChromeCollector

    [QUOTE="BiteMe";2466070]You dont even deserve a response. I will let others rip you a new one. Its not a secret spot by any means.
    :finger: notice where i said there werent fish caught there? Yup. I can see swarms already.[/QUOTE]

    hahaha well I would but I think he knows he is being pathetic....I just wanted to say congrats on getting the little guy some good fishing!!!! sounds like your gunna be getting out fished here soon haha pretty soon hes going to be handing you the rods!!! hope you keep catching fish!!! take care
  6. Kool-Aid

    I'm going to go make some popcorn....and I'll be right back.
  7. Bite Her

    Seriously, he is posting about the first salmon our son has brought into the boat himself. He is proud of Michael and so am I. You could have at least congratulated a 7 year old for reeling in a nice looking fish. He like it when we relay comments to him.

    Michael, you did a great job and provided a great dinner for the family.
  8. Fish_kid

    Way to go on getting your son some action! That's what it's all about!

    As for details, I think that anybody who expects to have fishing spots to themselves is living in the past... Blackmouth move around anyways...
  9. "BiteMe"

  10. "BiteMe"

    A little sidetracked. Thanks for the civil responses. Michael loves to hear them! (i would let him read them know....some arent kind.)
  11. GHfishin

    Nice fish Micheal. And nice job Dad getting the kid out BM fishing.
  12. Salmon Addict

    Thanks for the report Brian. Good to see the young one getting into the action and that's what it is all about! I couldn't talk my 11 year old daughter into going out in the rain. To bad there is only one day left until the November closure.

    Anyways I got to go my bag of popcorn is ready! :finger:
  13. Nookie Hooker

    Well Done Young Michael ( and Pops Brian)

    Love to see the report, and while some will believe it had too many details, some will think it has too few, and some will think it is juuusst right. If this ain't working for you, don't eat the porridge.

    As many have expressed their comments on this subject, in more appropriate forums, I shall refrain, and merely enjoy the post in the spirit of which it was posted : A celebration of sorts for a youngster achieving a right of passage, fishing with Dad and bringing in his first solo Chromer.....: Thumbs up

    Nookie Hooker
  14. "BiteMe"

    Thanks capn red! He loved the fist bump from the fire chief!
  15. lugger

    Congrats on the nice fish , great Job !!! . Now he should be hooked for life !
    Now is the time to take in what Omega 3 says and teach him the sad online fishing facts the more you blab about your area the more croweded it gets .
    and there is really no point of posting locatiions on line to a crowd of 880 thousnad fisherman in the state of wa that you dont even know , unless you really really like big crowds n your area save that for your true buds !!! great job keep up the good work and !!
  16. Cap'n Poon

    Omega your a joke, congrats the kid and get over it! Its the san juans for christ sake! Great first fish for your son brotha!
  17. digits

    Nice fish, Michael!
  18. fishmiester

    As you can see by my post count, I dont post much. That being said, I have to reply on this one. First of all, good for you for getting the boy out fishing. To the boy "GOOD JOB". I taught my daughter to salmon fish and run the boat at 13, and now her daughter (my granddaughter) is 14 and has folloewd in her footsteps, with many good days on the water, and a lot of dead fish over the last 36 years. Daughter just turned 36, and still makes it out in the boat once in a while. As for too much info, like has been stated, fish move, and there arent any secret spots any more. 25 years ago locals (about two dozen of us) had Willapa Bay all to ourselves, then Tony Floor came down and caught some nice salmon at Washaway beach, and then ran a full page story about it in the Daily Olympia paper, with pics. Nuff said. Keep on takin the kid fishing.

  19. blackvelvet

    Good stuff Brian, congrats to your son......Your fishin' addiction must get passed onto the next generation.

    BTW, I'm an orphan.......If'n yur lookin' fur another kid, I'm up for adoption.
  20. Bite Her

    If it means free drinks and some of your fish and chips we can add ya to the family