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Discussion in 'Washington Saltwater Reports' started by Nookie Hooker, Feb 2, 2012.

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  1. Nookie Hooker

    Nookie Hooker and Good Mike hit the water on Friday to see if we could stumbling into some 'Nook luvin'. The fish gods were willing to play that day and these two joined us for a ride home......

    Sorry for the delay in posting the report, just been slammed lately getting all this work stuff out of the way to clear time for the ROCHE!! See you fellow BD'ers there.......


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  2. woodrow246

    Way to Go get em NH!! Little pre-derby porn...
  3. JKIII

    nice fish! Good luck @ Roche!

    Those barely legal fish look HUGE in that 24 quart cooler Nookie :rofl: Thanks for the invite, good luck at the Derby!
  5. Barracuda1

    Lunch box cooler??? Nice job, I see you brought a bud back with you too, So at least 5 soldiers fell apon the depths of A7...
  6. Salmon Addict

    Glad to see some success! Good luck at the Roche!
  7. fishinden

    Good job, nice fish, Thanks for the report.
  8. hunterb

    Nice job. Good luck at Roche.