MA-5 Sekiu Coho

Discussion in 'Washington Saltwater Reports' started by fishchasr, Sep 25, 2010.

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  1. fishchasr

    As previously reported by others, Sekiu was a zoo. Maybe its always that way during the last 2 weeks in September, but this was my first time at Sekiu. My belief that some people not only shouldn't own boats, but they shouldn't be allowed breed either. This was confirmed on numerous occasions over the course of 4 days. However, this is a fishing report and not a rant.

    My buddy Todd and I planned, executed and completed our mission with successful results.

    Our mission? To hunt down and kill our limit of Coho Salmon in MA-5 which is open for wild and hatchery fish, no minimum size limit.

    We arrived Wednesday noonish 22 Sep. Checked in, parked the RV, launched the boat, found trailer parking, started our hunt. Being in a new location, we looked to see where other boats were at. Seemed all the boat were split to the right or left. 3/4 were going NE and 1/4 were heading NW. We headed towards the larger group NE just outside the green buoy in 400-500 ft water. We managed to scratch out two 10 pounders. Reports were that the bite was on early in the morning and very slow in the afternoon.

    Day two, we intentionally headed NW with the smaller crowd, most were still heading NE, just to avoid the zoo. We started trolling at 245 ft with 35 ft on the wire heading out towards the shipping lanes. Within just a few minutes we got our first Coho in 260 ft water. We circled back and started getting several shakers and ocassional blackmouth. We varied the downrigger depths from 49 to 75 and narrowed the search to 260-300 ft trolling West to fill out the rest of our two limits.

    Day three, we head straight to our previous marks. 45 degrees and 49 ft on the wire, green hootchies, spoons, and UV flashers. The first 5-6 minutes of trolling was kinda slow.... then,,, BAM! BAM! Doubles! Okay, now what? We each net our own fish. Back on the troll. BAM! Single hookup! 3 in the box. Back on the troll.... BAM! BAM! DOUBLES AGAIN! Ahhhhh,,, hey, who's got the bigger fish? Mine turns out to be about a 6 pound King so its a no brainer. Todd's goes in the box and we head back to Olsens at 8:30 am. After lunch, we got bored so we drove to Neah Bay..... in the boat,,, almost, but not quite. We did find some nice black rock fish at Hump Rocks before heading back.

    Day four, this should be easy, go to the same area and be done by 9:00. NOT SO! The wind, waves and boat traffic were all cranked up. Sloppy water, brutal wind and boats going every which way. We trolled for over an hour with nothing - not even a shaker. Where'd they go? Radio talk was almost non-existant. Our buddy boat calls on the cell and says go deep - 500 ft. We head North. Our first Silver comes shortly after in about 350 ft of water and 49 on the wire. Thanks Mike! We loop back and resume our heading. Nothing. We continue out to about 550 ft and hook up again for our 2nd Coho. We decide to back track to our first mark and make the same run again. A couple shakers and finally another Coho. We bring the boat around and make another run between our marks to find our final elusive Silver about 10:00am. It was a slower start and we figured it was probably because of the later tide.

    We wrapped up the day, broke camp and headed home for a day of reel-axation before work on Monday.

    Final death toll: 14 Coho Salmon

    Thanks Todd, I had a great time and I'm pretty sure we'll be back next year for the zoo even if alot of morons are there too.

    By the way, fresh salmon on the grill is mighty fine after several days on the water. :)












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  2. Grady226

    Nice report and nice pictures.
  3. tacklejacked

    Well done guys. I heard its been up and down and you have to be there for a few days to get into them. I just got a report yesterday that the bite was hot.....Good job.
  4. Glad Wrap

    Nicely done
  5. Titan

    Great report! Congrats!
  6. KimH

    Great report. I was there last Monday through Wednesday. Same thing, good one day poor the next of course I was just starting to learn the downrigger, flasher, lure type of fishing. More of a fly fishing guy.

    One thing about the "zoo" or your comment about some people shouldn't be allowed to have boats is right on. Tuesday morning was pea soup fog for a bit and I mean pea soup. I had my limit by 0930 and headed in. Because of all the boats in the area there was no way in hell I was going to crank it up to any sort of speed. One guy went by me doing at least 30...must have had a death wish or was just plain stupid. I think the latter. Like myself he didn't have a radar but unlike myself being in a center console and in the open he was in a house which probably had worse visibility. NUTS!! Even with a radar a guy shouldn't be going that speed in those conditions.
  7. blackmouther

    Damn nice catch. Them some big hoho's
  8. Slabby20

    Nicely done!!!

    There are some real morons out there. We were there on the weekend it opened for wild fish. Zoo doesn't even come close to describing things. Wow!! Each morning heading out into the dark and thick fog I found numerous boats with zero lights on!! I was sure happy to have my radar. Idiots!! What the hell are those people thinking leaving the dock in the dark, in heavy fog, with no lights!!!! :2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1:
  9. Roll the Bones

    Great report, thanks for taking the time to share with us!!
  10. rtm1

    GR8 report! Didn't get much done at work after your txt/spot report Thursday. Spent Friday trying to figure out how to get up there--no joy. My son fished in the NE group Sat & Sun--I was stuck fishing local. He limited within 1 hr. both days (8 fish total/between 10-15 lbs)--I chased shakers & wind waves at Jeff's Head. Plan to fish the Q Wed/Thu this week.
  11. Sir Chumsalot

    Nice report! Nice fish. That pretty well covered it. We were there too. This am we watched some guy unload his boat on the ramp and I was telling another guy about it and he says early this am there was a boat sunk in the harbor at Olsens and another that was just adrift. Geesh.
    They had the Lions club derby up there yesterday and the top silver was 19.14 lbs. We were there since Thursday and limited every day in short order with cut plug blue label herring straight out in about 400 to 600 feet of water. All between 30 and 60 feet deep. Slayed em. It's pretty much wide open when the bite is on. I don't think there is an open RV spot to be had anywhere up there right now. It may change after today but I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't.
  12. fishchasr

    Thanks everyone. We were fortunate not to have any fog during our stay but I was prepared to use my radar if needed. We did however see some rain, winds and a small craft advisory. Now if I could only find an electronic idiot detector and moron deflector to network into my Lowrance HDS System. :rofl:

    Here are my weapons of mass destruction.
  13. fishmiester

    good Job
    I was there as well sat. afternoon and Sunday got some nice ho's. Roger on the zoo, but that time of the year its gonna happen. People just need to use some common sense. I saw the markers in the chanel where the boat sank, some fool come flying around me trying to be the first at the dock or something, he just about clipped line on the marker buoy. That probably would have slowed him down a little bit. Oh well, next year is an odd numbered year which means there should be humpies as well.
    tight lines
  14. leiterhockett

    Spent 6 days ,catchin hardly fishing, their in & their big. The Day of the derby 19.14 won (congrats), I didnt buy a ticket but put a 21lb in the box and my partners was nearly that big for the day. Overall limmited every day the latest by 11:30am and a few at or above 20 lbs and many in the teens. Glad I waited a week to head up there it really came on. Brined herring , Ace Hi Flys, & Helmets on Herring

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  15. SeeMeFISHIN

    Yeah, I left the night before the derby fishing was slow/spotty at best for the few days we were there. Right spot, right time was the key.

    Good job guys!
  16. bullshooter

    Work was slow this week. So, on Monday night I hooked up the boat and took my 8yr old out of school for a couple days and hit the road. I met up with my uncle up there late that night. Got a cat nap and hit the water and was fishing by 7am. started hooking fish right off the bat. Got a nice one about 16lbs to start. lost a couple and released a couple small ones. My boy and I picked through them till we found the 4 we wanted to keep. weights were 18 16 15 and 13. finished up around 1am out in the shipping lanes. That was about the time the fog rolled in. My uncle was out there in sight of me and tells me his GPS died. Lucky we were in sight of him. Headed in and had lunch. I took him and his crew out for the evening bite and picked up a couple more(they had fish to punch yet, not me).

    Next day, one of his buddies fished with us and we started off really slow. I had to hit the road by 3pm so I needed to be off the water by 1. We didnt get into the fish till 10:30 out in front of slip point in about 650ft water. We rallied. Chased a radio report and finished up at 12:30. Wednesday was really foggy but the water was like a lake. Had a great time. Cant wait till next year.