M.B. Flattie/Sunken boat 2/5

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by Foss, Feb 5, 2008.

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  1. Foss

    Nice almost-legal flattie on plastics at ultra minus tide for a couple hours ending early this afternoon.
    Also did long the distance release trick (farming, I think it's called) on two bass (drag too loose or lead-head hook too small for thickness of plastic???).
    Saw a sunken sailboat that supposedly had a football sized hole in the hull. A guy on the beach said it might be the one that hit the jetty a few days ago. Fun day on the yak. Outgoing tide and wind made it more of a challenge.
    Scubbed up with De-Fishing Soap so wife will let me sleep indoors.
    YouTube - De-Fishing Soap

    Soap lo res 5x .JPG

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  2. calicopro

    Beached Sailboats are going around these days...Saw one at Tidelands, on my way to scrub the boat...

    Nice flattie!
  3. Bank Robber

    That hali looks pretty close in the pic. Nice going.
  4. KennyMac

    Way to go on the Halibut...
  5. Spyder

    Nicely done Jack. Way to get out on the water. Looked like a nice flattie. We should hit it up some time.
  6. Fog Ducker

    What kind of plastic did you use?
  7. Foss

    It looked a lot like this: I think it's an Artificiable, but it might be another brand. Angler's Choice on Rosecrans has a pretty good selection, as does Squidco.

    Spyder: sent you a PM

    Hammered Head.JPG

    Flip some tubes around the downed sailboat, Nice flattie.
  9. Tunahead

    NICE FLATTIE! Yeah...Sailboats don't do reefs and rocks very well...I had a
    sailboat customer sail his Coronado 35 onto the Submerged Reed just inside
    Pt.Loma..but got it off luckily. That reef, built to thwart submarines in WWII
    has "grabbed" many a boat at low tide..WATCH OUT..wherever you go!
    The reef off Laguna Beach, and the one off San Clemente are dangerous TOO~~!
  10. pmurphy

    Tunahead is right. I understand the Zuniga jetty, the partially submerged one at the entrance to SD bay, has gradually sunk over the decades. It's ridiculous that it isn't marked better. I almost ran my dad's Slickcraft through it when I was a kid. That would have been the end of me for sure!
  11. Kevin J. Oliver

    what kind of stank are you using on your plastics that you need to "soap up" after one "up close" halibut release ?!?!?
  12. Foss

    Half dozen sardines bummed from two guys in a Seaforth rental boat. Flylined them in the weeds near the Lifeguard HQ, the bait barge channel, and the main channel for for nada.
  13. Kai One

    SOunds like a fun day all around. That is really what keeps me going out fishing, you never know what is gonna happen or what your gonna see...