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Discussion in 'Avet Reels Support' started by steven g., Feb 16, 2007.

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  1. steven g.

    Getting a new avet lx6. Match it with a calstar 700m. no backing just straight 40pline. 2-3 day boats or even 1 day I have always used 40 with a fast retrieve for live or iron. Why is this speed and size not used much at all in so cal. I think this would be a good set up for so cal boats short range along with a 30# class and 975 20# international. Am i wrong?

    Steve G.:cool:
  2. coryellk

    An LX 6:1 ratio with straight 40# line would be a fantastic reel for thowing iron. Even though the lx won't throw as far as a comparably spooled star drag reel, you could get used to it soon enough. Lower ratios are better for live bait because the 6:1 ratio; while great for retrieving lures for the hook up, isn't so good for the torque you need to get bigger fish on deck, fast! Tugging on fish with that ratio will mean that you will have to use your rod more, and it will likely take a bit longer. Folks who use live bait exclusively, like most of SoCal, look for lower ratio reels for such use because there isn't a downside.