LR Boat with 3 person Staterooms?

Discussion in 'San Diego Long Range Fishing' started by T-Bro, Mar 12, 2012.

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  1. T-Bro

    Having had great success getting my older son addicted to LR fishing, I want to bring my 8 year old as well. The question I have is whether we could get a 3 person stateroom together? I know that I have been on some, as we used the third bunk for storage?

    Anyone throw out some ideas? I would like to do 2.5 or 3 day for his first trip to make sure that he is into it. I have him out on my skiff all summer, so I know that he likes fishing and does not get seasick.

    Thanks for your help.

    Best regards,

  2. Wendell Fox

    The two rear staterooms (M & N) on RR3 can handle 3. But they are noisy as they are next to the engines. Might help to bring ear plugs.
  3. mike garrahan

    The Independence has some pretty nice 3 person staterooms. I checked them out at the Fred Hall Show and they looked like there would be plenty of room especially if one or two of the people were kids. I would think that if you book early you should not have any problem get a room for three. The Shogun also has a number of 3 person rooms but they usually only put 2 people per room. I'm sure you could do 3 people in them but they are not as big as the 3 person rooms on the Indy.
  4. rdrrm8e

    Stateroom J on the Q. Massive 3 bed, center of the boat.

    Home away from home for me.
  5. vincecorona

    The Qualifier 105 has 3 man staterooms and couple of 2 or 2 1/2 day trips in June or maybe July
  6. Baja Dreamer

    The Shogun has a few too.
  7. The Sea Hag

    The Islander has several 3 person staterooms... and they have a number of 2.5 and 3 day trips late summer...
  8. ThunderMudder

    can only speak for the Shogun and Indy about 3 pp staterooms as those are the only boats i've been on with triples. The Indy staterooms with triples are nicer, more spacious than the Shogun, but for smaller kids the Shogun would be fine. i'd pass on a triple with 3 full grown men in a shogun stateroom. Had no issues with 3 on the Indy, can't remember which room i was in.
  9. screamingreel

    The American Angler also has several 3-person staterooms...
  10. spike

    The Red Rooster III's aft state rooms have six bunks, though they are three angler staterooms. Most all LR boats do have three man rooms though.
  11. T-Bro

    Thanks for the ideas. I checked all the boats schedules and the Islander looks to be the one that has a 2 day in late August, between when we get back from AK and before they start school.

    I have always enjoyed fishing with John Coniff and I think the Islander was the boat I took my 11 year old on when he was 8 or 9 for his first few trips. Now he is a boat snob, having done 5 days on the Star and the Intrepid. Islander is a good old boat and I think it will work great for the younger boy's intro to the LR scene.

    Hope they got the AC fixed, as it was sweltering a few years ago.


  12. Rhatical

    Independence and Shogun both do. Independence 3 man rooms are particularly spacious and nice.
  13. Mean-Machine

    Independance. I stayed with my father and a friend in one room. There was plenty of room and the boat ride is outstanding! The food and comfort provided by this operation is top notch. The sun deck was great as well.

    The captain allowed a small child and his father to hang out a bit in the wheel house so yes I would say they are a very kid friendly operation.

    You will pay a bit more but the food and the quality of the boat ride is well worth it.