1. shitbird

    Yes I'am the dumbass that lost his boat off the trailer at the oceanside launch ramp :idiot: I feel like :Bawling_e when I saw her rolling off the trailer. I felt sick to my stomach. I just got done fixing the boat a month ago. Thank you Rick ,Motts Sr,Rich and all the other boaters for getting the boat back on the trailer. You guys save my day. thank you,thank you thank you very much. Now it's time to get:drunk
  2. Father Ken

    this is a joke right. darwin award winner or something.
  3. daniel-neill

    I am sure we have all done weird things at the ramp. So what happened?
    Glad to hear your up and running.

    A few years ago I didn't set the parking brake on my truck, just left it in gear. The chop started the truck rolling into the water. Me thinking I was wenching the boat up the trailer, was actually pulling the truck in the water. Before I knew it, I was up to the front seats in water. It was on a Sunday in Dana Point, lots of people had a good laugh...
  4. Surfdoc

    I don't know Ken... what have ya done to win that award ??

    Man sorry to hear about a mistake like that... hopefully it a easy fix and not to $$!

    Glad there were some cool BD'rs to help ya out!
  5. Father Ken

    :( I backed down my driveway with my outboard trimmed all the way down. By the time I stopped it was way too late. My boat was 1 week old.:rofl: laughing now. crying then. Tight lines!
  6. bigwaverider

    Sorry to hear about something like that happening. Very cool for some BD brothers to help out.

  7. Mots

    Dude, dad told me this morning. Was so bummed for you.
  8. shitbird

    It sucks so bad I think I'am in a dream.
  9. Saluki

    Damn Jeff :(

    We are just about done working on Hanna, let me know if & when your gonna have a BD work party at your house.

    How much damage did sho take?

    My condolences,,,,,, I could only imagine how bummed my must feel :(
  10. Scarleg

    fuckin shitbirdslap:
    I can see it all right now like a dream:eyepoppin
    Hit the brakes backin down..... feel the boat moving when the truck is stopped and WHAMMO!!!Major fuckin damper in the day....sorry bro
    That's all:finger:

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