lost check with LR boat

Discussion in 'San Diego Long Range Fishing' started by Abaco, Apr 11, 2012.

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  1. Abaco

    Just thought I'd report what happened to my LR fishing buddy. We mailed in our checks to pay the deposit on a trip later this year. His check was cashed in SD but never showed up on the books of the boat. So, who knows where it went? It could be anything from mail fraud to a staffer on crank. But, the lesson to learn from this is to make these payments via credit card (at least, that's my take on it). I won't name the boat but it's one we all know - and I have no evidence that they are at fault.
  2. El Compadre

    That sucks balls people like that will eat :shithappens: and die.
  3. s//m_cinco

    Who endorsed the check?
  4. johndtuttle

    Get a photo copy of the check from your bank, they have electronic records of every single one you ever wrote.
  5. Did you make the check out to the landing, boat or a person? Did you report it to the police? Your bank should have a record of where it was cashed. I would be suprised if what ever business or bank it was cashed at did not only have a record of the transaction, but video.
  6. CMY SIX

    and who cashed it without ID? the landing and point loma charge like 3% to use a credit card and none of the boats seem to use Pay-pal I don't get it?
  7. bsumoba

    Sucks man. Yea check with your bank. You can actually file a fraud report and if the boat has no record, then it's up to the bank to help investigate how it was cashed, who cashed it, etc. they have video at these banks and ATMs also.

    Last time this happened to me, I got my money back and they caught the person.
  8. Abaco

    Thanks. I'll pass these comments on to my buddy. My check went through to the target fine. His is the one that didn't make it.
  9. tungtide

    I used my credit card on my trip last October. Some one in San Diego picked up the number and had a hayday in Georgia. I was not held liable for the charges. I'll pay the three percent for the security.
  10. lkatdpelicanfly

    The times I've sent deposit checks to landings, I've always sent priority mail with delivery confirmation if it was a rush job, or first class mail parcel with delivery confirmation...a couple of bucks more than the a stamp, but worth it. I just don't have a lot of faith in the postal system if there is anything of value at stake without at least a delivery confirmation #...if anything to decrease the odds of misdelivery. I also make sure if I do send any kind of check or letter with my personal info of any sort thru a first class letter, it goes into the drop off slot inside the post office or into a clerks hands. I know people who have left letters with payments in their mailbox and they were swiped by mail thieves...same goes for mailboxes on yet a public corner. I have a friend who had his identity stolen because he mailed a credit card application in a street mailbox one weekend...the credit card company never got his letter and then all these bs bills started showing up. 99.9% of the time, stuff gets thru fine...but it's that .01 % that there is a theft or a mail error that will screw you up, sometimes big time. Doubt it's the landings fault at all.
  11. harddrive

    Sorry to hear. But I would have your friend fight it. Hope your friend made the check out to the boat or landing.

    Any check that I've sent to the boats, it always sit un-cashed for some time. I have checked my bank for status and seen where it didn't hit my bank for a while.
  12. Statistico

    Harddrive has a great point. It may have been as simple as the boat's office sent it to the landing office and forgot to note it in the trip's ledger. My boat of choice turns checks over to the landing office and it does take time...sometimes as long as 10 days

    Follow up on who cashed it and things may be ok.

    Most of all, good luck. We all hate to hear of things like this that are somewhat out of our control.

  13. 2amguns

    I ALWAYS send Money Orders or a chashier's check with the Boat name and the office manager's name on it so that THAT person must show I.D. Both can be traced as well as a check.
  14. nick17yz

    i just bring a check down to the boat on departure day. this way if the check bounces, im already at cow town.
  15. picasso

    Don't you mean "when" the check bounces?
  16. rodblder

    I know for a fact that both the Intrepid and Excel do NOT charge 3% when using credit cards which is how I pay for trips. Don't know about any of the other boats.....
  17. reellady

    Get a copy of that check and see who endorsed the back.........maybe the boat credited the wrong person?
  18. joelocalguy

    I always send an EMAIL to the person in charge that the check is in the mail (on that day) and to let me know that it arrived. Not a sure thing, but it helps.
    Once the person knows your word is good, this will work.
  19. 2amguns

    I have to agree with Rodbuilder........

    I was never charged an percentage fees with the Intrepid when I used my card.
    I do find that in poor taste to charge the consumer YOUR credit card fees.

    If you must do this, then raise the prices by 4% for non swiped cards, then, if we pay by cash, or check, give the 4% discount.
  20. backlashjack

    Oh Shit. My Bad.
    thanks for the cash.

    JK lolololololollo