Los Suenos Costa Rica 2/23

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  1. LaVidaCR

    2/23 we had a short spell offshore for about a few days,where the best sail bite seemed to have move to the southeast about 50-60 miles around the Furuno bank. while the fishing around the craters and corner was slow,
    fishing the normal spots near los suenos,boat were averaging just 5-10 bites a day, but that trend appears to be reversing.

    past couple days lots of boats reporting about 15-20 sail bites a day, and a good run of marlin appear to be showing up in the past few days with several boats reporting two or more shots a day at blues and/or stripeys. many boats catching two and seeing more

    inshore the fishing has been on a good steady run despite the red tide along the coast and gulf of Nicoya
    live thread fin herring are plentiful off punta mala

    there has been lots of grouper around in depths between 100-400. most are 3-15lbs, but there have been many bigger ones caught in the past week.
    several broom tails between 40-80, and a few other big ones of species which i am not sure of the proper identity. we caught one at least 60 on the 20th fishing with one of our regular clients.

    there has also been lots of Cubera snapper in the 15-50lb range getting caught on shallower reefs with baits and poppers.
    Capt Jeff Dry on Wingman has be doing allot of it, and been very consistent over the past few weeks.
    the rooster bite has been good as well. especially to the SE, around from Jaco to esterillios and even some offshore reefs.

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  2. tap BD Writer

    Popping for pargo-that is fun! I caught my first pargo on a popper in Costa Rica at Punta Matapala in 1989 and have been hooked ever since.

    Tony Peña
    "The Roving Angler"
  3. LaVidaCR

    Catching Cuberas on poppers is definitely one of my favorite types of fishing.
    most days we are catching more than 2, But Captain Jeff Dry and myself try to discourage killing more than 2 (cuberas) per day, we release the others.
    I wish everyone around here would try to do the same but most boats kill everything they can. pretty much no regulation or enforcement.