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Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by Carcharodon, Jan 15, 2006.

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  1. Carcharodon

    HI All,
    I am going to be taking a trip to Los Barriles (East Cape) at the end of June 2006, we are renting a house on the beach and I have a few questions that would be great to find anwsers to. It is my first trip to Baja and any help would be greatly appreciated

    What type of gear should I bring. We are going to be panga fishing almost every day so hopefully will get into a good mix of species.

    I was thinking 3 combos would be enough for panga fishing, 1) 12lb, 1 25-30lb and 1, 40lb with 65 spectra combo. Perhaps I might bring 1 more combo (Any suggestions).

    I was also wondering what kinds of fish I can expect to catch in front of our house? I know rooster's are in the area, perhaps sierra and other reef fish? it looks like sandy bottom from the pictures I have seen which I hear is good for roosters.
    What would be good lures/bait for surf fishing there? Any special techniques? Obviously im not going to take a 2lb surf perch set up :)

    I am also bringing a spear gun to hopefully spear in the area. Is it legal there? Not sure.

    Thanks alot, I want all the advice I can get to hopefully make this the trip of a lifetime!
  2. Fishybuzz

    Take a couple of 30# and 40# outfits for dorado, jack crevelle and roosters in close and panga fishing I wouldn't bother with the 12# outfit....use flourocabon leaders when slow trolling for roosters.... high quality live bait hooks from size 1 to 7/0 ....rapalas in CD 9 or CD 11 size work great trolling inshore...

    If you are going offshore be sure to take a 2-speed 50# outfit for marlin and tuna you will find you will use your 40# outfits the most.

    you can catch roosters, snappers, ladyfish, jack cravelle from shore ....kastmasters, krocodiles, mega baits and live bait work well from shore...I like using a 15# spinning outfit with a 8' rood for distance for shore casting. Gray light in the a.m. and just before dark are the best times.

    Spearguns are NOT legal...pole spears are.
  3. SAGE

    are you sure about the use of spear guns ?
  4. Mo Betta

    I thought it was just no scuba when spearfishing.
    Hey Austin, I'll be at Verdugos right after the boys get out of school{end of June}. Where will you be staying? Ill be fishing my 14' Tin on thedays we are not on the Pangas or Cruisers. Frank
  5. G8RB8

    Who is that girl in your sig with the tits? She looks like a girl here in my office.
  6. Fishybuzz

    I stand corrected....... I did some research and in 1997 John Riffe petitioned the Mexican goverment and spearfishing with a mutiple band gun is now allowed but you must have a valid Mexican fishing license.
  7. pascuale

    Sorry dude, spearguns are legal with a valid fishing liscense but you cannot have any pnuematic guns, only power band guns. In addition, you may not spear with any underwater breathing apparatus such as scuba tanks, freedive only. Make sure you don not spear or fish in the CaboPulmo reserve south of Los Barriles.
  8. Fishybuzz

    I think thats what I said.....????
  9. Carcharodon

    Thanks guys! I appreciate it!

    The girl is Lindsey Lohan...where do you work? Id like to stop buy some time...:rofl:

    Yeah I would rather use a polespear than a pnuematic gun, I just got a new 55" Custom Daryl Wong Speargun. Hopefully I can legally use it.

    I am going right when I get out from school as well (25-1st) . We are staying somewhere near Los Barriles, Never been there, all I know is it is a house on the Beach we are renting out for a week.

    Thanks ! I wont bother with the 12lb Outfit, I need to buy a quality 15-20lb Spinning Combo for shore use, I was thinking Either a Diawa Black gold or maybe penn spinfisher? Any preferances?

    I need to get a 50lb outfit as well, Was thinking either Tiagra or Penn International. Gonna be a hell of an expensive trip for a 16 year old! Glad I have a job!
  10. Fishybuzz

    Either the Diawa or Penn will be fine for surf casting be sure to take a extra filler spool of line for your spinner as the line can get messed up pretty quick nd the possibility of hooking something that will spool you is very real in Baja.....

    Tiagra 16's and Penn 16s's are what I use for 50# the penn will probably need some drag tweaking for 50#.....

    also becareful when surf fishing and wading....lots of sting rays hang out in the surf.
  11. jbarto

    David is dead on about the gear to bring. When I go down there, I bring a medium-heavy jig stick with 30# to throw large poppers. Yozuri has the best ones. The blue mackerel color works the best. Those are a blast for jacks and roosters.
  12. lilharcher

    If you don't already have a 50# 2-speed set-up, don't bother with it. You'll be fine with your 40#/65# spectra combo, especially if fishing from a panga (it will make it more fun). I do suggest picking up a spinning outfit as earlier suggested.
  13. ZZZZZ

    If you can get your hands on a 50# 2 speed I would bring it... Maybe a TLD 20 or 30 2 speed or like a Avet JX or LX 6/3 spectra backed for capacity.

    July 2004 East Eape. I got into 40-120lb class YFT on Spinner mammals fishing Greenie. I got so corn holed by a 100lb class YFT it was classic. Well a Marlin chased it so it was gnarly and lit up a few times. 50# on a TN30 dog broke at gaff. Fish sunk out, got fish back up. Line broke when trying to hand line as the handle was spinning backwards. Lost the fish got it on video. LOL

    What I'm saying is I sure wish I had a button to push on that fish. Not to mention it was like 100 degrees out.
  14. SAGE

    That was i was thinking abouth getting for my march trip to match up with my new Shikari TS. Next week sometime I wanna bring it buy and and see how your's feels on it.....you be around ? R u up for a bay/kelp session saterday evening ?
  15. ZZZZZ

    Check your PM dude but I'm driving up to Ventura tonight with Reid to fish (deep hole) tommorrow on Bubbas charter....