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Discussion in 'Spear Fishing Reports and Info' started by kickemall, Feb 18, 2008.

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  1. kickemall

    Going to Loreto for the first time for the first week in April. I'm leaving my spearguns at home but was going to pack some fins, mask and maybe a pole spear. It seems the legality of spearing there is in question and definitly frowned upon. Am I o.k. screwing around with a polespear off the beach or should I just leave it home? Thanks,
  2. rojodiablo

    From shore with a polespear you will be fine. Some guys STILL insist on trying to grab lobster...I'd recommend against that. Yes, the entire area has a reserve around it. But there are certain easements, and I believe the shore diving thing is one of them. Just stay quiet, and out of traffic areas, and you'll be OK.
  3. onorichard

    Think about a wetsuit April waters still cool, check Mex fishing license for speargun limits as far as I know all rubber band guns are O.K. free diving. area use is a question around Loreto haven't been there in a long while. no shell fish for sure until you know area.
  4. holy mackerel

    There is an Oficina de Pesca, or some sort of booth, for lack of a better term on the Marina dock... That is where we got our licenses, and park wrist bands... you may want to ask there... The water near shore in loreto, is very brownish green, sandy, not much to see. We chose to sit next to our pool rather than go down to la playa... but it was also Julio, and hot as hell.... If you can hire a panga to get over to Isla Carmen, or Isla Coronados, there is some of the most aqua green water around... below is a pic... (not sure if you can spear there either LOL )