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  1. saravonshep

    Does any one know if their is any dry ice down in Loreto, going down for a week and a half and would like to keep my fish frozen on the ride home....

    Thank you in advance...
  2. TShooter

    How long is your drive home? There used to be dry ice at the market. However I never used it. We would freeze our catch and then pack them in the cooler as tight as we could it, then duct tape the cooler closed. The fish stayed frozen even with the feds opening up the cooler three times. We drove home in two days.

  3. Kidjurel

    I drive fish up monthy. Staying in Loreto? hotel? campground? bring a food saver have them frezze it and like Tshooter said plain ice it down and it's still mostly frozen. I drive it in one day to LA and it's all still mostly frozen even without ice. But what's even WAY MORE important is bleeding out and icing down the catch soon as it hits the deck or it's not worth frezzzing or eating for that matter. It's ohhh about 100 F'ing degrees here right now! so ice is king. Have a good trip.
  4. saravonshep

    Thanks for your replies, Staying at the oasis, so they can freeze it. But wanted to stop in Bay of LA for a couple of nights on the way back. I might have to change the plans and stop one night and head home.......

    Thanks Again
  5. fully involved

    Have your catch frozen but do not put ice in the cooler with it! Instead of ice, pack crumpled newspaper all around your catch then seal your cooler with duct tape. I have had mine up to four days and it was still rock solid when I got home