Loreto rpt wed.

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by pascuale, Mar 9, 2005.

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  1. pascuale

    Finally got a break from the wind and went to the opposite side of isla carmen for slower than shit fishing. Man, Ive had more productive days on the afternoon la jolla half day. Not shit for the whole 8 hours of fishing. This could be the last time i come to loreto. but the food is good and so are the margis at El nido.
  2. ZZZZZ

    Have you tried the inshore stuff/island. I had slow Forkie fishing one day and we whacked the Cabrillas, Pargo, Pinto Bass, ect saved the day. Really allot of fun fast and furious action.

    I hope the fishing improves for you.

    Good Luck.
  3. Chaka

    I've been watching the reports down that way, and your not alone, slow fishing for most. Those winds down there can really knock out the fishing. As soon as they get a straight week of calm conditions it will bounce back. Good luck and better fishing to you my friend. I love loreto.
  4. fully involved

    Kind of sorry to hear that you won't be going back because you would miss out on a fishery that be can be truly awesome at times. Of course on the other hand tell all of your friends. This will keep the costs and the crowds down for me LOL
  5. allisonboat

    El Nido is O.K. if you enjoy paying double for your food and drink.
  6. Jason Admin

    Take a walk up main "the new main" and find the tortilla factory. MMMMMM soo good right out of the oven.

    I'd sugguest fishing Punta Cholla for cabrilla. Live bait flyline with a chumline of sardinas... 50-80lb test and a 4/0 hook. 15-30' of water right on top of the reef. WARNING we did lose 3 anchors in the reef there... Use a grapple if you got one.
  7. pascuale

    Just got back to SD. No love from the fish but I will return in June. Cocos cabanas was quiet and nice. The weather was awesome today. Next time I guess.
  8. kepdawg

    Sure seemed like more than that...
    Brutal anchrage, even better fishing.
  9. ZZZZZ

    Is a grapple a anchor made out of rebar?
  10. Weazel

    I think he's talking about a grappling hook? I have one that's got 3/4" thick hooks and is galvanized.
  11. Aquahero3

    I would make a grapling hook out of 1/4 inch Rebar and when your stuck just bend it and then slide a pipe over the bent spike and straighten it out...
  12. terry c

    At Ralphs there selling grapple's, their apples with a grape flavor. I never tried one as a anchor
  13. ranchero

    yo pasquale,

    hopefully you will get off the water today and have had a better day. I hear wind will blow 2-3 days at a time this time of year. I usually make it down after the YT spawn in April- 1st of second week. Fishing is so good I'm pumped on catching yellowtail for a while. I love YT. For the size I think they and amber jack are some of the toughest fighters around. People can call them dollar fish if they want. I have fun when i catch them -especially in the 30 and over pound range.

    Hey man...screw El Nido- that place is like 2 boys screwing...just plain wrong. too expensive for drinks and the steak is so so. If Tio Pepes is still around- I guarantee you some of the best gormet mex food and half price of el nido. Hang with the locals...

    Also- not sure of the name - but the taco shop in the afternoon has awesome fish and reular tacos. I eat like a slob when i go down there. I just always drink mineral water after dinner. They cook with a killer lard that we greengos are not used to.

    Also- not sure when you split- but what we do to find the hot spot for fish- is head over to the fish market and talk to all the commericial pangeros. We find out which place was hottest then we contact our panga driver and tell him where we want to go next day. If it's pulpito- we buy bait and zoom up JIC weather sucks. I've caught 20 yt on 20 baits at pulpito....absolutely insane YT fishing!!!!

    GO KILL EM...hey also- try riging a trailer hook off main hook to tail of mack...those cabrilla are notorious tail biters- I hate them robbing my precious bait. They must be slayed and eaten too!!! 16 duckets a lb at PL seafoods
  14. ranchero

    ah shit jost noticed your post....last year

    good luck anyway!