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Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by Pescador Mike, Jul 23, 2011.

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  1. Pescador Mike

    Hello fellow Bloody Deckers , Pescador Mike reporting from Loreto:

    The report is ALL GOOD!!!!!

    We have fished three days now with good results . Our focus has been Dorado. We have been launching out of the marina where I can confirm that it is 129 pesos a day for gringos to launch their boat and another 200 pesos for a bait tank full of sardines .

    We headed south the first day and got into the Dorado at Punta Baja .
    On the second day we headed south then east and around Carmen Island to Punta Perico where we boated several large (40 lb) Dorado.(see Picture) and some half the size and a little smaller...Day three we headed Toward Carmen but approached it from the N side as we wanted to hit Punta Perico again . NATHA.......so we motored around the island and set the feathers out to troll.Trolling only produced skippies so we pulled the feathers and rounded Carmen West .We continued to look for Sargassa and found a 6x6 patch . Tossed a couple of dines and BOILRAMA ....started tossing live bait and we were on ....limits for everyone ....we even had a marlin breeze thru thr frenzy.
    Summary : lots of fish to be had , if you come down bring a landing net if you want to keep fishing ....All the pangueros have them ,this only applies if you fish your own boat because the limit is two and the net is an easy way of getting the fish on board and ,removing the hook and releasing .BTY, fishing license are being checked and limits are being checked by Fish and Game .

    Dora has influenced the weather here slightlywith some wind and choppy seas but other than that the beer is LoretoDay2 031.jpg

    LoretoDay2 017.jpg

    LoretoDay2 028.jpg

    LoretoDay2 032.jpg

    cold , the fishing is awesome and my 11 year old boy has a permanent grin from catching his trophy Dorado.
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  3. seriola_killer

    Awesome! Gotta get down that way sometime sooooooon. I need my Baja Sur fix.
  4. Bill Erhardt

    Glad to hear you're finding fish, Mike! A great introduction to fishing for your son. You know now that the die is cast and you'll never have to look far for a fishing partner.
  5. marvista man

    Great report! Your son's grin makes me grin. I think its so cool when I see families sharing such life long memories. Loreto is a magical place and this makes me feel melancholy about my days there.

    When I first took off down the Baja hwy in 79' we had not idea where we were going or what we were doing. All we had were surf boards and a Coleman ice chest, no tackle or rods and reels. We made it to Loreto in the dark and parked in a palm grove next to the Oasis hotel.

    We woke up to the commotion of the captains at 5:00, got a boat and went out using their gear and got our arms torn off. Went back for several years until we discovered the East Cape. Haven't fished Loreto for 20 years but your report has me ready to go.

    Thanks for the stoke...