Loreto - Billfish?

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by yelloboy, Jul 22, 2011.

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  1. yelloboy

    Understand the dorado action is outstanding this year, but haven't heard much about billfish. Any first-hand reports of sailfish or marlin that anybody knows of? Headed down next weekend for a bit and would like to know if I need a bunch of stuff for sails and what not...

    thanks all!
  2. tlong

    The sailfish were there four weeks ago and are probably thicker by now. Nobody reports them since everybody wants yellowtail and dorado. Sailfish and marlin do not make good fish tacos.

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  3. Bill Erhardt

    Last Sunday.
    And, don't get too psyched about dorado unless you like little schoolies on light tackle.

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  4. yelloboy

    Thanks guys - looking forward to some vela action...

    No size to the dorado? I saw reports earlier in the season (few weeks ago) of some good sized ones, up to 25 or 30 pounds...perhaps that has changed...
  5. sue-she

    Fished the area last week. Fishing was pretty good. Small schoolie dorado south east of Carmin on weeds with lost of other boats. A few guys fishing for yellows getting 2 to 3. We fished farther out for bigger dorado and mixed billfish. No wide open fishing. Did get a nice blue, some strip marlin, sail fish and a few nice dorado. Mostly mixed bag about 3 fish a day.

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  6. LarryOverdrive

    What is this about dorado bracelets? Do I need them to fish my own boat? Where can you get them? Heading down next week, getting EXCITED!!!
  7. tlong

    The area around Loreto is a Marine Park and you need special permits worn around your wrist in addition to the regular licenses. The bracelets I believe are available at the launch ramp (though in the past the people selling them have sometimes shown up very late, about 8:00 am). Pam Bolles usually gets mine.

    Remember the licenses are required to fish and to transport fish back home. Keep them until you get home.